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THE DOCTOR IS IN: Trump chooses Ben Carson as HUD secretary


What a SHOT in the arm for the Trump administration!!  Doctor Ben is a special guy – a special doctor – a special friend and richly deserves to be on Trump’s cabinet where he will make a hell of a contribution.

Dr. B came up the hard way in a one parent family. After a couple of mismarriages his mother raised Carson and his brother on her own, sometimes working 3 jobs to support them. The most important thing she taught her kids was the value of a good education.

Dr. Ben can relate to the difficulties that exist in some communities in this country and I am sure will do his best to influence the parents and kids by  pointing  them in the right direction.  For a man to achieve what he has, based on where he came from, he is a shining example that anything is possible.

Throughout the presidential campaign, I am sure like everyone else, the good doc held his breath a few times, but he stayed steadfast with his support of DT.  He saw the qualities DT has hidden behind that blunt and bold exterior.

In times of duress, that is when a person knows who their true friends are. It is very easy to be on the popular team but it takes a special person to stay the course supporting the underdog when everyone is throwing boulders at them.

Not only does Dr. Ben bring diversity to DT’s crew but he carries with him a boat load of finesse and knowledge. This highly educated man, who has just about every award the medical community can give. I would say that he is just what is just what the doctor ordered and is going to be a very great asset being part of DT and his cabinet

So far, unless someone is a complete idiot or a vote recounter  (new word), I can not see one pick that DT has made that is not of the highest quality.  DT is a very savvy person that knows, a strong leader is only as good or successful as their support team.


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  3. Pete says:

    Yes Dr Carson is a great pick and hopefully Mr Trump would look at nominating sheriff Joe Aquino for Attorney General.

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