Super Jar Head at the helm

It is about time we have a Top Dog in the Casa Bianca that uses his business, practical and good old common sense when appointing people to cabinet posts.

That seems to be the case with PEDT in many of his recent selections. This is where his independence and position of not being beholding to anyone will and is playing a big role in his as the Commander in Chief.

Normally in the dirty game of politics, many substandard or unqualified people are placed in positions of importance that to repay favors or to fill a quota. That is not the case where DT is concerned. He is not part of the unscrupulous system and can make good sound decisions based on the qualifications and experience of his appointees.

He has demonstrated just that in recent weeks, especially yesterday where he chose Marine Corps General James Mattis as the Sec. of Defense.

download-1            483208412-real-estate-tycoon-donald-trump-flashes-the-thumbs-up-jpg-crop-promo-xlarge2

General Mattis is exactly what the Armed Forces needs, an experienced person that has been there and done that, not some relative of a political official or an obligation to repay a donor of the campaign just to fill a slot.

This man did not get all of those medals on his chest because he is good looking, he earned every one of them. One of the words that are going to be part of the vernacular in the no-nonsense Trump administration EARNED. 

Never send a boy to do a mans job and always leave the sawing to a carpenter. 


 James N. Mattis is a retired United States Marine Corps general who last served as the 11th commander of United States Central Command from August 11, 2010 to March 22, 2013.

With appointments like General Mattis, our enemies (we have many) and world leaders will view their positions and where they stand with the USA in a completely different manner. We are not going to be playing a game of hide and go seek or pin the tail on the dummy in combat situations. We are going to fight wars the way they should be fought; to win. 

The enemies of the USA under the Trump administration will soon find out; if they want to test the sincerity and commitment by DT to all of the Americans, they will find out,  he is the lawn mower and their ass is grass. 

images-8                        943495f48ed4e2a63a68e672469b87da

I like Jon much better now than I did before; even if he has a brat for a daughter.

Congratulations to General Mattis –  PEDT and the USA. We will now be in a much safer place.


SEMPER FI to General Mattis






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