Punk ass cop

LORAIN, OHIO – Lorain police are defending themselves against brutality claims raised by a man whose head was slammed into a cruiser with enough force to shatter the windshield.

How else can this punk ass cop be described but as a punk ass cop?!

This high-profile criminal Pele Smith was accosted by a pack of Lorain, Ohio cops for the most serious crime of JAYWALKING. Yes jaywalking. He was handcuffed from behind and being escorted to a cruiser.

According to the cops, somehow Smith and his cop escort tripped and stumbled, resulting in Pele being catapulted  head first onto the hood of the car and face being smashed into the cruiser’s windshield with enough force to shatter the glass. Smith was taken to a local hospital, treated and then brought to the slams.

To add insult to his injury, he was later charged with tampering with evidence, obstructing official business and resisting arrest. In a plea deal with prosecutors, Smith pleaded guilty and received probation. I am surprised they didn’t want him to pay for the cruiser’s windshield.

If I had to guess, Smith took the safe way out by taking a plea. He knew that his ass was grass with that vigilante police department either way he went.

Last month Smith  filed a civil rights lawsuit against the city and several officers. He is seeking unspecified damages. I hope he scores big.

Besides the cops being punk ass cops, they are about as dumb as anyone can possibly get knowing they are on camera.

Just as we might expect, the cops tried to defend their actions. Cops like these are one of the primary reasons we have so much dissension between races in this country.  We don’t have to like or love one another, just use a little respect.

If the department would at least admitted one of their own screwed up, that would ease the pain slightly.

Don’t fool yourself folks, this can happen to anyone of us as it did to Smith.



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