Gone off the deep end

I know this is old news. I just wanted to express my 3 cents on how off the deep-end some PC-pathetic people have gone with this politically correctness nonsense.

Soledad O’Brien Tells The Real “Thug Is Proxy For N****r” [Video]

There are enough problems in this world for us to deal with let alone some nuts cases finding new ways to stir up the pot.

I would think these screwballs would be a little less overly sensitive and quit dissecting everything to the 10,000th degree. It is absolutely ludicrous.

Dictionary.com – definition of thug.



a cruel or vicious ruffian, robber, or murderer.


(sometimes initial capital letter) one of a former group of professional robbers and murderers in India who strangled their victims.
I know as many white thugs as I do black thugs. Thugs come in all shapes and sizes,  fat – skinny – ugly – beautiful – unsavory backgrounds – races – nationalities – religions – in the business world – some of the worst thugs are politicians.
Personally, I think that anyone who thinks THUG is a substitute for the “N” word, they are instigating thugs with too much time on their hands.
A dog is a dog – a goat is a goat – a pig is a pig – a horse is a horse and a thug is a thug, not what some fool wants to interpret for themselves.
download-4             thug-life
Does it ever occur to any of these delusional thugs; the more attention that is brought to any issue/word can make it more subject to scrutiny?
Cut out the download-1folks  and quit stirring the thug pot.  Concentrate your efforts on creating peace between the races instead of hostility.

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