It is all business



The billion-dollar Obamacare business with Trump family ties

There have been so many issues that have arisen since Trump trumped Hillary that should prove to all the numb-nuts out there that the man is sincere and is looking out for all Americans, not just the chosen few.

Example # 1. In an interview, Mr. Trump did with 20/20 he stated that he was not concerned with his family business (filling his hotel rooms), for him it is all about the bigger picture, serving the American people.

Example # 2. Now he is putting his money where his family is.

Trump has promised to shit can Obama care, a vow that could threaten Oscar Insurance, a $2.7 billion technology startup co-founded by Ivanka Trump’s brother-in-law, Joshua Kushner.

Oscar has also received funding from Trump adviser Peter Thiel, who could face a loss on his investment if Oscar folds under a Trump-led overhaul of the 2010 Affordable Care Act.

This is just the direct opposite of what any other politicians would do under similar  circumstances. They would try to protect the in-law’s positions.

Sonner than later I hope the majority of the American people come to the realization that Trump is the real deal. He is in it for the long haul, for all the American people. One of his missions is to change the way DC does business, even if it means stepping on his wife’s brother-in-law’s toes or wallet.

One  other little tidbit of information I learned this morning that is going to make Trumps repealing of some of what Obama did very easy.

According to what I heard; anything that Obama passed or maneuvered/backdoored into law using his executive privilege (by-passing congress) the next president does not need congress’s approval to get out the big eraser and wipe them off the books.


Mr. Trump made a statement when he was running for office that, he was going to be the best US president the USA ever had. At this juncture, I will not dispute him.


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