Animals attack

Fox News


4 cops shot in 3 states during bloody Sunday for police nationwide:

The animals that attack/ambush/kill or shoot cops wonder why certain races and nationalities are profiled.

These sub-human are a group of cowards that slither up on their unassuming prey and kill them for no good reason; except, the animals have a hard on for law and order.

Two things may eventually happen as a result of these actions. Neither of the outcomes will be favorable for either side.

1st, the cops may get more aggressive than they are now and who can blame them.

2nd, the cops may just put their hands up and let the crimes and criminals run rampant. They didn’t sign up for this.

All of this activity, the rioting and the killing of cops all falls under the same unacceptable umbrella. Pissed off people who are taking their hostilities on the men and ladies in blue.

Their vengeance is not directed to the people who actually wronged them but innocent men and women that put their lives on the line to protect society.

Do they have  legitimate complaints in some areas? Yes, but killing innocent people is not the answer. Who do the demonstrators have as a beacon? The Commander-in-Chief instructing them not to remain silent. 

President Obama, speaking at a press conference in Germany, passed up the opportunity Thursday to tamp down the anti-Donald Trump protests back home — urging those taking part not to remain “silent.” 

The president fielded a question on the protests during a joint news conference in Berlin alongside German Chancellor Angela Merkel. 

“I suspect that there’s not a president in our history that hasn’t been subject to these protests,” he answered. “So, I would not advise people who feel strongly or who are concerned about some of the issues that have been raised during the course of the campaign, I wouldn’t advise them to be silent.” 

If anyone would read between the lines they could see that Obama is encouraging the demonstrators to continue what they are doing.  Obama has to know, a great percentage  of the time demonstrations starts off peacefully but ends up  with a riot.

He is not sending the right message, to demonstrate but keep it peaceful. He if meant that, he should have said it.

I think that the current election results have a great deal to do with Obama’s position on the demonstrating.  Mr. O is taking the defeat of Hillary Clinton worse than she has. The loss of the election puts a permanent blemish on his presidential credibility.

Any president that had the welfare of ALL of the citizens of the country would instruct the demonstrators; keep it going but keep it peaceful.

All of the hostility in this country is, somewhere in the mix is all connected.  What the hell is the solution is hard to say?  It has to be a combined effort of each and every citizen to get it under control.

Down the road; if and when Mr. Trump is forced to set the national guard loose to restore peace in this country, he will be the villain.  If the lawlessness is not brought under control, that absolutely will be the end result.

There definitely are devious factions out there (scum) that would like nothing better than to see a civil or race wars in the USA.  These people are as anti-American as anyone can be.

There are laws on the books that prohibit inciting people to riot. It is about time they are enforced.  January 20th is right down the road.

Just like the sanctuary cities; they are illegal but no one is enforcing the law.  How is it that the president of the USA allows federal laws to be ignored?






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  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    During the 1930s through 1950s in some areas, there were hit squads comprised of police and concerned citizens. Maybe, that needs to make a comeback? They knew who was who, and paid visits to them, without anyone knowing. Some, even owned backhoes.

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