Abort that decision Francis

Pope Francis extends Catholic priests’ right to forgive abortion

Many times the relaxation or alteration of the rules, laws and or regulations weaken the system and the stability of any organization no matter what genre they are affiliated with.


I think it is a bad idea for the Pope to give the priests the right to absolve anyone for getting an abortion.  That in itself is taking away the authenticity of the Catholic religion.

If I had to guess, Pope Francis’s change of heart has to do with the decline in the followers of the church. Decline of membership – less money in the collection basket.

To start and end with, except for the first 4 commandments, they are man-made and common sense based.


As far as the first 4 commandments are concerned, how do we really know how they came to be?  They like to call it blind faith; we are supposed to believe without question.  That went out years ago with men’s spats.



Do we see anywhere carved on the tablets that says; Thou shall not have an abortion ? 

Which is the better person in the eyes of the Catholic religion?

1st; we have a lady that is on death row for killer her old man and her lover but does not believe in abortion.

2nd; we have another lady that does believe in abortion but would never think of murdering anyone.

Life is all about common sense; leading a good clean, honest, respectful life, being a good example to our kids and the people around us. THOU SHALL NOT RIOT. 

I don’t completely agree with abortion but I do agree with it if there was a case of incest involved or the person was raped and became pregnant.

It all boils down to; everyone in this world, regardless of race, religion , sexual orientation, nationality has to live with themselves, accept the decisions they make and be accountable to themselves, for themselves.

By relaxing the laws of the church, I think Pope Francis is taking away some of the church’s credibility. Based on current circumstances, their credibility has one foot in a pail and the other on a banana peel.

Let a sleeping dog lie or is it, let a lying dog sleep? I could never get the one straight.



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