Close to home

Chicago police say charges are expected in death of congressman’s grandson

Sometimes it takes an incident close to home for our government officials to wake up and smell the napalm.

This should be a big wake-up call to Danny Davis a US rep from Chicago when his grandson got shot down by some thugs for a pair of basketball shoes.

Officials say two juveniles are in custody and are being considered suspects in the murder of Javon Wilson after he was shot in the head in his Chicago home on Friday.

Shot in the head for a pair of basketball shoes. What kind of crime would these juvenile thugs commit for a $500.00 suit?

For years I have been preaching that there is a multitude of conditions that are instrumental in the development of a kids life that steers them down the wrong road.

# 1 – being a complete family. A father and a mother that are respectable, responsible people that set a good example.

# 2 – outside influences like violent TV programs and video games. Being exposed to them as much as they are, kids have a hard time separating reality from make-believe. There are kids that spend hours a day watching that trash on TV, killing thousands of people, they really can’t comprehend realism from fantasy.

#3 – probably one the most important elements – the crowd they hang around with. These foolish kids feed off of one another. What one of them doesn’t think of the others will.

# 4- booze and drugs play a very significant role in young people lives. Kids that haven’t reach their teens are already addicted to drugs. In order to sustain their habits, they become criminals, robbing and sometimes killing.

The only answer to the entire scenario in their development is EDUCATION. Education starting at infancy. Leaving one of the 4 elements out of the equation, the violence and killing in the teenage community will only get worse. Teenage thugs grow up to be adult monsters.

In my opinion, after the parents have met their obligations, the government should step in and set up programs to keep the kids occupied and off the streets. The class can be martial arts – violin lessons – ballet – basketball anything to occupy them and keep them off the streets.

Possibly the New Gun in town will see the wisdom in EDUCATING the kids and kick off some government sponsored programs.


Let us face it, the kids today are the future leaders of this country. If they are not raised properly, how can we expect them to raise their kids the right way? Everyone on this planet is a product of their environment and upbringing.

Killers like the ones that sent Javon Wilson to an early grave if fostered early enough in their lives can be directed to a useful and respectful, productive life.

I said this many times before. I definitely am not giving anyone a pass but how can we expect kids to grow up considering the environment they are raised in??? The time to change the poor examples they are receiving has long passed.

Possibly with Mr. Davis’s grandson being a victim it may have hit close to home and some new corrective initiatives can be implemented.

The best thing that can happen in the Windy City is to get rid of that piece of work they call a mayor. Don’t forget where he came from. He is very deeply entrenched in that ultra – PC – the liberal mentality of governing that absolutely does not work.


We can make a comparison as the government being the parents of a very large family and all of its citizens are their kids. I always said; if the parents are ugly, the kid doesn’t have much of a chance. Read between the lines.


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