Sympathetic Steve

Stephen Colbert Begs People To Stop Mocking World Leaders Like Kim Jong Un

“Sticks and stones may break their bones, but words can really hurt them,” Colbert said. It may not seem like it but as we speak heads of state are being viciously mocked in every country in the world.”

My response is; AND?

If Colbert is so sympathetic with the Korean Brat and some of the other brutal dick-tators in the world, he should throw a gigantic party at his crib and invite them all over for a weekend bash.

I find it amusing that Steve has such a warm spot in his heart and is so concerned about hurting the feelings of some of these evil FOLKS while they are out there bumping off their own people for falling asleep at a meeting or showing up late.

Sympathetic Steve should check with Denis to see when his next trip is planned. He just might want to hitch a ride.   

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