Silence is golden

If I had one suggestion to give Donald Trump it would be to; QUIT TWEETING. 

Silence is golden. As bad as Mr. Trump thinks it is to inform our enemy,  we are coming to kick your ass in 2 months, it is just as bad to continually send out tweets as to what your every move is or if you stubbed your toe today.

Tweeting seems to be an obsession with the future Commander-in-Chief. It is a very bad habit to get into. Loose lips sink ships and too much conversation leaves a person, especially the president of the USA, open to criticism.  He will get enough of that without giving his critics additional ammunition.

Keith Olbermann  did a number on Mr. Trump resurrecting some old tweets Trump made awhile back.  I thought that this screw-ball was going to have a stroke.

If for no other reason, this is a prime example why Mr. Trump should play his cards close to his vest.




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1 Response to Silence is golden

  1. Brittius says:

    I had contacted Trump’s people regarding the very same issues. The opposition/snowflakes/thumb suckers, would love to twist DJT’s words. I advised he stay off of tweeting or be very guardant of anything he puts out. Guess tweets are something for this generation because to me, when I read the tweets of anyone, they seem immature and pathetic.

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