Squeaky clean???? NOT

BURBANK, CA (TheSkunk.org)

June 23, 2013

The Walt Disney Company today announced it has acquired Shantibody Media, the country’s largest producer of hardcore adult entertainment.  The announcement comes on the tail of disappointing box office revenue for a string of recent flops, including “Oz the Great and Powerful” —  a failure which studio execs blame on “audience apathy to movies with bad scripts.”

This may be old news but it is surprising news to many people who may not have known about it Disney’s dirty little secret, being involved in the porn industry.

For a  company like Disney that outwardly is very high on image, professes a clean and healthy all-American family lifestyles, awhile back got into the porn business, that is very surprising.

That is a bad as some religious group buying a couple of houses of ill repute (whore house) to make some side money.  So much for setting a good example

This sets a new tone as to how far our entire country has regressed in recent years in the morality department. These holier than thou hypocrites  wonder why our kids are as screwed up as they are. If it is good enough for Mickey and Minnie, it should be OK for me.

A brilliant quote from Roger Iger, the company’s CEO at the time as to why his company decided to buy the porn video company.


According to a press release, the acquisition is part of Disney’s attempt to keep up with the tastes of an aging, baby boomer audience.  “They don’t go out to the movies much anymore,” acknowledged CEO Robert Iger, “ but they do like to stay home and masturbate.”

WOW, Roger; that is not saying much for the boomers if they have to resort to self-gratification in place of the real deal.

I bet Walt was rolling around in his grave when that transaction took place.

I can’t even imagine what their next purchase is going to be? Maybe a dominatrix dungeon or a rubber doll factory.


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5 Responses to Squeaky clean???? NOT

  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.

  2. hocuspocus13 says:

    I had an idea Disney wasn’t so squeeky clean

    When Disney pink slipped their American employees to hire cheap foreign workers

    Making their American employees train their foreign replacements

  3. Jon Richins says:

    From what I’ve been able to find online, I don’t think this is true. I can’t find any record at all of a company called Shantibody Media, and I think that theskunk.org is a fake news website (like theOnion). Their post says it is from 2013, but the Google Search tag says it is actually from November 2016. I don’t particularly like the direction Disney is going with their entertainment, the fact that they are suing movie filtering companies, or the fact that they own ESPN, ABC, Touchstone, Marvel, and Maker Studios. But they don’t own a pornography company. Please take this down so people don’t get confused and repost it.

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