Half of a message

Fox News

Obama, speaking at a press conference in Germany, passed up the opportunity Thursday to tamp down the anti-Donald Trump protests back home — urging those taking part not to remain “silent.” 

That half of a statement can be viewed or construed in a couple of different ways. In this case: #1 – continue to stand up for your rights to protest peacefully. #2 –  continuing to protest, in the meantime, continue with the rioting.

In a very simple manner, Mr. O could have said;  continue with your right to demonstrate but the senseless rioting has to stop.  Being silent over a situation gives people the impression; nothing was said, so it must be OK. 

Personally, I think that Mr. Obama approves of the violence and rioting that is taking place.  If he doesn’t why isn’t he speaking out?

This election was as much of defeat to him as it was the Clinton. I think it is safe to say the outcome of the election was a greater indicator of the voters that were displeased with the Obama doctrine than their dislike for Clinton.

Aside from all of her multitudes of shenanigans; Hillary beat herself with poor judgment. She should never have had Wild Bill campaign for her.  Many times we had to wonder who he was campaigning for, his wife or Trump.

Another big mistake for her was to be so adamant about continuing with the Obama Legacy.  She was not smart enough to recognize all of Obama’s mistakes and said she was going to follow in his footsteps. Not very wise.

All in all three men and a woman cost her and the democrats the election.

clinton-comey_20161031_064740   index     images

I wonder if the old gal has it in her for one more shot at the Big Chair. The third time could be a charm; or NOT.

Keep draining the swamp Mr. Trump; there are a lot of old alligators swimming around in those politically infested waters.



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