One small step for …..

Trump transition team announces five-year lobbying ban for appointees

One small step for reforming politics, one giant step for the country.

Inch by inch – foot by foot – yard by yard – mile by mile, Donald Trump is going to change to course of the mighty rivers and streams in this country that have been so crooked and corrupted for so long. So long that they almost went unnoticed as business as usual.

He is having anyone he appoints to his cabinet sign a pledge/contract that they will  not get involved with any lobbying groups until  5 years after their terms expires.

Lobbying (also lobby) is the act of attempting to influence the actions, policies, or decisions of officials in a government, most often legislators or members of regulatory agencies.

Everyone has to remember a few things about Mr Tr; he does not like to lose. Call it ego – call it tenacity – call it whatever you want, he does not like to lose.

Now ask yourself why so many of the politicians and their cronies are and were against him.  Because he is going to bring back honesty and integrity to our government that has been used and abused for so many years. He is cutting off their water supply. Without water, they can’t drink, they shrivel up, they crumble and they eventually die.  It has been a long time coming.

As he said many times; He was part of the system and he knows how it works.  Who would you rather have on your crew if you were robbing a bank? A florist or an experienced bank robber. (My not be a good comparison – it is still early in the day)

I BIGLY (I had to look bigly up when he continually used it to see if it was a word) believe that Trump is going to revolutionize our governments’ way of doing business.

Walk softly and carry a big stick – keep your enemies close and your friends closer – keep your eye on the hog and your finger on the trigger. Politics is the dirtiest game in the world because there is so much money and power at stake.

Keep it going Mr Tr; you have more supporters than you do backstabbers.


Semper Fi


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