Classy Lass

I’ve said this many times before; Megyn Kelly is a classy broad (respectfully).

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I just watched her on the Dr. Phil show and she acted like a truly dignified lady. She could have put the hammer to Mr. DT many times but said what she had to and did not elaborate.

As Dr. Phil alluded to; there is a big difference in a person’s personality when they are in a combat zone and when they are on peaceful grounds.

My opinion: It is absolutely necessary for anyone of authority to have the ability to turn it off and on in a micro-second.  That is the sign of a true warrior and is something the Commander-in-Chief of the USA needs to be a strong leader.

Megyn left it at; she and Mr DT are on speaking terms and she does not hold any animosity toward our new almost Commander-in-Chief.

She made herself proud.

She and Dr. Phil are echoing what I have been saying all along; give the man a chance to prove himself.


I have the utmost confidence in him.


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