The Real Deal

Anyone that took the time to watch 60 Minutes last night and listen closely to Donald Trump; if they listened with an open mind, they had to observe the sincerity in this man that vows to do a great job for ALL Americans, not just the chosen few. Hard to believe that Trump was almost humble. He admitted; it is much great than anything he has ever done.

Lesley did a very good job during the interview.


He is the people’s president and owes his allegiance to no one.  Just think of how many of the big wigs in the republican party alone tried to sink his ship. What a rude awakening they got. I think The Donald needs a new nickname – Against All Odds Trump!!

This is the 1st time in American history that I know of that a non-politician/businessman has been elected to the presidency.

Ross Perot made a stab at the run for the Big Chair in 1992; but as the story goes, he buckled under pressure because of threats to his family and other underlining conditions.  I would not be the least surprised if some of Trump’s dissidents are the same people the buffaloed Perot out of running.


This is what differentiates  Trump from the run of the mill politician (he is now a politician whether he likes it or not). He can not and will not be intimidated by outside forces, leaders of other countries, terrorists or people with-in his party.  If that alone doesn’t say volumes about the man; some people are not listening. He is going to use that same drive and intestinal fortitude to bring the USA back to greatness.

Trump is exactly what America needs at this time in history to turn our country before it goes completely under.

Two great signs of the sincerity  of this man; he spent 100’s of million of his own money financing his own campaign and he does want to get paid for his services.  He is refusing to take the $400,000.00 a year salary that the president makes but  by law has to take at least $1.00. Whether he needs the money or not is beside the point.

Did the multi-millionaire GWB need the money when he charged a vets group $100,000 so speak at their event? Read the article.

This is what separates the men from the boys. GWB charged the wounded vets a speaking fee; while it was him and his VP that put the troops where they were.

In the interview last night Trump was very subdued and calm, unlike the times we saw him very agitated during the run for the Big Chair.

In my opinion, I think he HAD TO come out of the box swinging when he first threw his baseball hat in the ring. He knew that he was going to be drilled from just about everyone and he was right.  All of his opponents + 90% of the media and much of the public were against him.  That demeanor  and temperament were necessary to fight off all of the wolves that were nipping at his heals. The man is a fighter – just what the USA needs for its leader.

He knows he made a lot of mistakes during his campaign but at the same time he WOKE UP AMERICA.  Trump brought out issues and conditions that no one on capitol hill or elsewhere would have ever touched with a 10-foot pole.  He opened Pandoro’s Box and let out all the evil and corruptness of politics that has brought the USA, in some areas looking like 3rd world countries.

download-3               download-4                          images

Trump’s long-range plan is; America comes first, as it should. How can we continue to give away/lose trillions of dollars while many parts of the country look like this?

It is not just the housing sectors that are in dire straights.  The infrastructures, bridges – roads- water lines – sewer systems – our military, all are in deplorable condition but for some ridiculous/unknown/unacceptable reason, we are still passing out trillions of dollars.

Trump is going to either put an end to that or modify it significantly so the USA is NOT the banker for most of the world.

I see that he has softened a lot of his rhetoric concerning the illegals and is going to concentrate his efforts first on their criminal elements by deporting them.  Wisdom is starting to set in.

In the process of reestablishing THE SYSTEM; Trump is going to be stepping on a lot of toes. Sometimes the disgruntled owners of those  toes have a way of shooting back when they are being kicked around or their water is being cut off.  I hope that the Secret Service does their job well. I am sure they will be tested.

To all of the peaceful demonstrators that oppose Trump; give the guy a chance and see what happens. As he said in his campaign; what do you have to lose? We can only go uphill from where we are. I think they will be pleasantly surprised when they see the progress he makes for ALL the people not just the chosen few.

To all of the professional low life rioters; go get a F&%*@# job and get greasy your asses off the street. I wonder just how many of those idiots voted in the election?

Please take the time to watch the video of 60 Minutes. Trump is a breath of fresh air and THE REAL DEAL.

Have faith America, he is the best that has come down the pike in many years.








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