Time will tell the tale

What all of the citizens in the USA have to do is, look at the big picture and be patient.

When Obama was elected, the crying towel was out there for a couple of years blaming GBW and his hatchet man for the conditions that existed in this country. Now we have a new man at the helm and he is going to suffer the same growing pains as Obama did, only with a reverse mentality and a way of getting the job done.

Now we have a new man at the helm and he is going to suffer the same growing pains as Obama did, only with a reverse mentality and a way of getting the job done.

There are 100’s of things Trump committed to in his campaign for the Big Chair. Now it will be a wait and see time period to see if he comes across.  Obama had his ideologies and so does The Donald (I don’t know if it is proper to address him that way now).

In all reality, he has more on his plate to deal with than Obama ever did. Obama was elected for a number of reason, mostly because the Americans could not take another 4 – 8 years of the GWB way. Now we have the same scenario only in reverse.

Obama has and does blame a lot of his failures on congress  stating  they refused to co-operate with him and he may be correct in some incidents.  But in politics, that is always the out. When they are caught with their pants down, they always blame the other person/party.

Let us hope the Trump (Mr. T) can close the gap between party lines and most of the political fools come together and realize, it is not about them or their party, it is about the citizens of this country.

We are going through a time period after the election when some  disgruntled citizens want to show their contempt for the outcome of the election. Unfortunately, in the mix of the demonstrators’ mix are some animals. The fools that burn the flag, damage property, set fire to buildings and cars.  They all deserve a good old fashion ass whipping.

I would like to put all of them in Marine Corps boot camp for a few months to see if they could get an attitude adjustment.  I personally don’t think that they would last 2 days.

Protesting is a right of every citizen but rioting is not.  I can guarantee one thing after 1-07-17 and Trump takes the oath of office, there are going to be some significant changes in the law and order procedures in this country. It will be fair but civil unrest will not be tolerated  the way it is today.

I may have said this in another post but it is worth repeating. If and when a terrorist has a knife to the throat of one of these demonstrators and is getting ready to saw their head off; guess who is going to come to their rescue. President Donald Trump. 

To all of the animals out there; never bite the hand that feeds and protects you. 




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