Today is the 241st birthday of the United Staes Marine Corps. Undeniably one of the most HONORABLE, well-respected, effective fighting forces on the planet.


The Corps was built on many principles including discipline – toughness – to honor and protect our country at all costs – respect others – obey without question (not always a plus) – the development of its people to be leaders in this world, not sheep. Last but not least, how and when engaged in a combat situation to end it swiftly and efficiently. In that mix, Semper Fi (always faithful) to our country.

Many of the old traditions in all walks of our pathetic PC-society, especially in the military  have been swept under the rug due to the leadership the USA has had for the last few years.

I know that with our new president is going to take the PC handcuffs off of the military and get them back to doing what they do best; protecting our country the way they were trained and annihilating the enemy with precision by getting the job done swiftly.

War should not be a game of hide and go seek or a game of tag.  It has to be fought in a very effective manner and fought to win decisively.

Mr. O and his crew, with their flower-child mentality, has put our fighting forces back 40 years or longer.

If we want to be a big powerful BEE, we have to look like a BEE – act like a BEE and sting like a BEE.  A BEE with no stinger is just a multicolored fly.

To all of my fellow Marines that have served before me and after, I send you a big Semper Fi and wishes for a long life and good health.

To all of the other military organization – Navy – Army – Air Force & Coast Guard; we could not have done it without your help and support.  We are all one.

We finally have Commander-in-Chief that is going to rebuild our military and bring back honor and respect to this country.

trump-large-lg              images-4

Turn up the volume.





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