Find a rock or a cave

Islamic State celebrates Donald Trump election victory

Extremists celebrated President–elect Donald Trump’s stunning victory at the polls Wednesday, hoping his triumph will “lead to civil war,“ according to a jihadist monitoring group.

“Rejoice with support from Allah, and find glad tidings in the imminent demise of America at the hands of Trump,” said the al-Minbar Jihadi Media network, which is affiliated with the Islamic State, according to the U.S.-based SITE Intelligence Group.

“Trump’s win of the American presidency will bring hostility of Muslims against America as a result of his reckless actions, which show the overt and hidden hatred against them,” the al- Minbar Jihadi Media network continued.

Better find a big rock or a cave to hide in; the Sherrif of 5th Avenue  is coming for you.

Starting in January 2017, the party is over for the terrorists. They will then have a no-nonsense president to deal with that is not going to be bamboozled by their barbaric, sadistic  behavior or their scare tactic rhetoric.

Be careful of what you wish for, it just may come true.


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2 Responses to Find a rock or a cave

  1. Pete says:

    Hopefully this is one election promise, destruction of isis, that Mr Trump will follow through with.

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