Un F@&%*&N believable

I can truly  say I am at a loss for words; almost. 

Shock – disbelief – pleasantly surprised – ecstatic – jubilant – over joyed are just some of my sentiments.

About 2301 hrs last night I said to myself; I had enough of this shit, I can’t take anymore –  I am going to bed and be surprised in the morning.  Was I ever.

trump-large-lg          trump-large-lg

Against all odds – who the f&%k would have ever believed it – I  had my doubts, so did Trump but never stopped believing –  the better person won – the American people, on the whole, are NOT as foolish and gullible as I thought they were – it is unbelievable – I am in minor shock – my feet are numb – what a great day for the USA – the ax finally fell on the wicked witch of the west – might finally made right –  like the coal miners in WVA say, the same people BB was going to destroy and put out of business, they finally got their comeuppance. 

I have to believe there are leaders/people/countries all over the world shaking in their boots trying to anticipate what their future has in store for the crooked/evil lives.  The party is over – the gravy train came to a screeching halt – the handouts have ceased.

The Donald made many commitments and promises to the people of the USA, now is the time to start making plans to implement them.  He has a lot on his plate and possibly the most difficult tasks him of any other Commander-in-Chief that ever sat in The Big Chair.

He has to start with finding the right people for the critical positions in his cabinet(I am sure he done it already).  Not of the ass kissing/obsequious  type but knowledgeable people in their fields that will advise him properly and also have the balls to tell him if he is getting out of line.  The time has come for Mr Trump to start listening instead of bloviating .

trump-large-lg         trump-large-lg

One of the most gratifying things in this entire melodrama was that the Clinton Machine finally had a few million pounds of  sugar poured into it’s gas tank, shut it down & brought it to a screeching halt. One of Trump’s commitments, if he won, was to investigate the Clinton’s and their foundation.  I can’t wait.

Tomorrow is the 241st birthday of the Marine Corps. There could not have been a better gift than to finally have a person at the helm that is going to look out for the military. It has been used and abused so many ways over the years starting with the vets. The time to take care of who took care of us is long overdue.  This is the greatest birthday gift anyone could ever ask for.

I am very anxious to see what Mr O is going to do in retaliation for the WIN??  This is as much as a defeat for him as it is to the FOUNDATION. He has a lot of time to do what he wants but the good thing is, Trump will shoot it all down beginning January 2017.

trump-large-lg      trump-large-lg

Did the good people of the USA ever think that a day would come that we had someone in office that was TOTALLY for the people – someone who is not part of the BAU club – someone who can not be bought off – someone that is going to bring dignity/respect/honor back to the office and the country?? I certainly had my reservations.

ABSOLUTELY F&%(*n GREAT NEWS.  Excuse of the locker room talk. I thought it was rather appropriate.  There are certain times when no other means of communication can get the point across like a little vulgarity. I like to think some of the off-color words as adjectives.  May be not be PC but are AA (acceptable acronyms).

It is time for the villains to run and hide – to take cover – crawl under a rock. There is a new sheriff in town.


I have to say this is one of the happiest days of my life and should be for all the other patriotic Americans. Most people have no idea what positive impact Trump’s victory will be to this world.  He has a lot of damage inflicted on this country he needs to correct.

If the election would have gone the other way, it would have been disastrous.

Now I really believe in Santa – the Easter Bunny – the Tooth Fairy.

God bless America – God bless Donald Trump; his is going to make America great again.

From the commander and chief to the future Commander-in-Chief; a big congratulations and a bigger Semper Fi.  The good people in this country are with you.

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Commander and Chief                              Commander-in-Chief

Let us hope that the beaten/defeated  can lick their wounds and give the NEW GUY all the co-operation and support he needs.  The USA needs to be united once again in order to be successful. It is not only one man’s responsibility, it takes team work.

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  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Okay. Settle down. Lots of work to be done. Even the Hillary supporters need to know we are one nation, including, them. The real contest begins in January 2017, so let’s get as a nation, in shape, for the real job. Now it’s time to build up the People. NO MORE “DASH/HYPHENATED” AMERICANS. WE, ARE AMERICANS.

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