D-Day has finally come. By  the end of today, we will find out just how intuitive and world wise the American voters really are.

We will see if the voters are more interested in being part of a cult-like group of sheep that has their heads where the sun doesn’t shine and vote for the pants suit – the people that believe what their presidents say; ALL IS WELL AT THE OK CORAL or the more realistic people that can see just what serious, deplorable condition our country is in.

We have two people running for the office that both have some serious hang-ups, but the one that only wears the balloon pants is the greatest offender by far.

I have gone down the list of attributes and deficits both candidates have 100’s of time. In a nutshell;   a guy that loves the USA but has a hard time expressing himself the right way (plus a few hangups to say the least) and the other one is out there for her own personal gains and has little to no regard for the LITTLE people.  It is all a front. Take the duct tape off of your eyes people.

It has been a long hard 2 years plus of name calling , insults, accusations, and insinuations.

It has been 2 years plus that the TV viewing public has been assaulted, insulted, infringed upon, annoyed, getting pissed off and have been held captive by that big screen most of us have hanging on our walls.

The candidates have brutalized us and the blood sucking networks have made billions. It is not bad enough that there are commercials every 8 minutes or less but they double down with that very annoying scrolling bar that is on the bottom of the screen that is very  intrusive.

I have seen kids in the 5th-grade act more dignified than some of the clowns have been in their debates.  Then when they are finished calling each other everything but a white man, they hung and kiss one another.

Get out there and vote.

Regardless of the results, the sun will always rises in the east and sets in the west.  For some a little brighter or darker, depending on what side they chose.

Try to make the right decision. Our security – the economy – health – welfare, and safety DO depend on where you put your X.

God Bless America – we can use some divine intervention.

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If anyone does not vote they should be considered ahalf-assed Americans and should never bitch about the outcome.  Their one X could have made the difference.



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