The man is right

One of The Donald’s biggest hangups is the way he presents his opinions but at the same time, that is what got him to where he is, good or bad.  Tomorrow will tell the tale.

“Whatever happened to the element of surprise, right?...What a group of losers we have. And now it’s a very tough battle, they’re dug in. It’s a very — much tougher than they thought,” Trump said at a campaign event in Tampa, Florida. “We need different thinking in this country, folks. They should have kept their mouths shut.”

Any good military leaders, the people in the KNOW, the people who have been on the front lines, they absolutely are aware that the element of surprise is the best weapon in defeating the enemy.  By announcing to the enemy; we are going to be there to kick your ass in 1 month just gives them the time to, either prepare for the attack or get their hats, in this case their turbans.

The major problems plaguing our military are, the politicians, the fools that have never put on a uniform, who don’t know a phone booth from a M-16.  They are running the show; by the way, if no one has noticed, it is the show we are losing.

Their leader, who for all intents has a contentious objectors mentality on the way a war should be fought, just like the guy that came a few terms before him, Wild Bill Clinton.  These guys are as qualified to be in control of a war as a florist is fixing a diesel engine.

How can any person that is/was  a contentious objector serve as a Commander-in-Chief?

At this juncture in the election, I don’t think there is too much more I can say to try to open up the eyes of  Clinton’s sheep.  Because of their lack of knowledge of the woman’s background (they must be living in a cave) – their PC / I don’t care attitudes – their lack of common sense – their loyalty to a thief and liar (in the news this morning, it says that their foundation paid for their daughter’s wedding) and possibly just plain old stupidity; they would vote for BB if she ran their mother over with a bus, backed up and did it again.  They have no clue as to how bad off this country is. They will vote for someone who will continue to carry the same old torch that is burning us up.

I am not thrilled with many things about the Trumpster but I am less thrilled with BB – her old man – all that she associates with – her history; most importantly, the legacy she intends to carry on that most certainly will have a grave effect (like death grave)  the safety of this country.

We have two categories of  people who are the biggest Clinton supporters. # 1 – and one of the biggest ironies of the Clinton’s’ popularity ; the people that they have abandon (the poor – unemployed) that they have screwed over the most.   # 2  are the celebs and their flock of sheep that live in La La Land who do not clue what it is like to live in poverty and be without.

Especially in the people in group # 1, they are the first people who should have X’ed out the Clinton’s years ago.


Why would anyone with any sense at all continue to go back to the same used car salesman time after time that continues to sell them junk???  There can only be a couple of answer; they are too ignorant to know the difference and uninformed or they must enjoy getting used and abused.

Tomorrow will tell the tale as to who in this country is more concerned about the health – safety and welfare of this country OR the foolish PC-ers that are living in a bubble. They have no idea that with the wrong leadership, their bubble is getting ready to burst at anytime.

God Bless America – Semper Fi all of Trump’s supporters and hopefully the American people will make the right choice.

Try and remember. This is not like a pair of shoes, suit or dress someone bought, that when they get it home they don’t like it and can bring it back. Once you make your X it is permanent.

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