What more evidence do they need????

Fox News Poll: Clinton ahead of Trump by two points

Based on current and past circumstances, this woman should be minus 20 points.

What has to happen to the die-hard fools that still support BB before they  take their blinders off?  They must all be asleep at the wheel and need a monkey  to hit them between the eye with a sledgehammer?


I would love to be a bull shit salesman where they live, I could retire in 2 weeks.

There can only be 2 reasons they are so obstinate; they are exceptional gullible or stupid; possibly both.

It looks like James  Mc Crae had a pretty good handle on it.


What the hell does this woman have to do for the fools to wake up? It is mind-boggling that her supporters are that gullible & naive not to see through her act.  They have no clue that BB is just a user and abuser.  She would throw each and every one of her sheep under a bus in a micro-second if she thought she could get a good price for their wool. She and Wild Bill have proven that time after time.


JFK (who by the way was no Gabriel the Arc Angel but a true patriot) said: Ask not what your country can do for you , it is what you can do for your country.  

I wonder if he and his brothers ever used a cuss word??

BB and Wild Bill have a different slant: It is not what we can do for our country, it is what our country and it’s PC fools can do for our causes and foundation. 

W%^@  T&@ F&$# are these people wake up and smell the napalm.  This movie is going to be playing in their back yards if there are not some very drastic changes made in our entire governmental structure.

History will definitely repeat itself. It has happened throuthout history to some of the supposed most powerful/intelligent people in the world. Because of their ignorance, greed and unorthodox way of living, like some people in the USA, they also claimed; it can’t ever happen to use, we are too rich and powerful. 


Stop for a minute and compare these two exact scenarios; the Obama administration and the Roman Empire.

Foolishly depleted their military – BOTH 

Lies and deceiving the people – BOTH

Rampant and out of control spending and lifestyles – BOTH

Arrogant and government leaders that were only out for their special interests – BOTH

Got involved into too many wars they could not finish – BOTH

Allowed crime and civil disobedience to get out of control – BOTH

Hedonism and promiscuity got way out of control – BOTH

Crooked, cheating politicians – BOTH

Thought they were invincible – BOTH

Leaders were self-serving and not for the people – BOTH

End result:


I could not have defined it any better.

Talk about hitting the nail on the head. This document seems to have been created by a clairvoyant person that saw well into the United States’s future.

Pass this post around to all of your contacts. If we can get to a couple of PC-ers and turn the lights on for them, possibly they will pass the word on to all of their very confused friends.

It is not a joke or a scare tactic. Our country’s survival depends on the outcome of this electon. If BB gets the nod, it may not be the next day – the next week or the next month but the Grim Reaper will show his ugly head. That you can take to the bank.

All of the items listed above are not a figment of someone’s imagination; they are real and as true as real as it gets.

There are foreign governments and terrorist groups out there licking the chops, waiting to see how this election ends up. If it goes to BB you can bet the shit will hit the fan. They all know that her method of defending our country will be, a carbon copy of what Obama has implemented for years and has not worked.

One gigantic example to all of the nay-sayers that should open even their eyes. Cutting our military to shreds and allow it to decay while ALL of our adversaries are building theirs up. That fact alone has to resonate with even the most naive person.  What do they think has been the survival factor that has kept the USA safe all these years. It has been the strenght of our military, not the politicians that run the country.

You all know what we have to do next Tuesday. Now try to convince some of your foolish friends on the other side of the fence which way to go.


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