How about these rotten apples folks

One of my blogging comrades in arms Bruttius (a very solid citizen) posted this a few minutes ago. I think that is worthwhile for everyone to watch and then have the PC-ers tell me that BB farts perfume!!!

What a mouth on this one.

I did a few posts some time ago depicting what some of the secret service agents said about BB who lived in the Casa Bianca with her and Wild Bill.  She would tell the men to go fuck themselves on a regular basis.

If this lady (being kind) is going to throw boulders at Trump; she better take a good look in her closet first.  It is a common practice for some men to talk the way Trump did but BB is not acting like a lady. Besides the fact; when she goes off, she goes ballistic.  She only shows her true colors when the cameras are off of her. It is a sign of being a very unstable person.  Jump on it Donny!


I give Matt Lauer a lot of credit for putting her booty to the fire. It takes a lot of balls when the aftermath can be dangerous to one position in life.  If she gets the nod, Matt may have to get a job delivering papers.

Keep them coming Bruttius,  we may be making some headway.

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