Getting down to the wire

Decisions – decisions – decisions 

Whenever I am trying to make a critical decision; I always take a good look at the alternatives. The decision on who we vote for next week is probably one of the most critical decisions that voters are going to make in their lifetime.

1st consideration: We have a guy running for the Big Chair who on occasions has talked about woman’s body parts (which just happens to be normal conversation between most healthy men) – he is very successful in the business world, fell down a few times but bounced back, which is a good sign of a determined person – is somewhat of an egomaniac (who in politics and big business isn’t) – is as patriotic as one possibly could be – not a politician that can be bought off – is  not part of the cheating establishment – wants to change the system of doing business as usual – has a few bad habits that developed in his life  (very one screws up when they are young and foolish) –  has the ability to bring the USA back to its respectable position of power in the world –  is going to get a handle on the out of control immigration problem – has a plan to destroy the terrorists (not just lip service) – put the American people first on the world stage (charity always should begin at home)  – going to do it by the book and not try to rewrite the constitution  at every juncture – give back to law enforcement the authority to restore order (some places in this country are worse than a war zone) – is not accountable to any special interest groups  – restore the economy by bring businesses back to this country  – make it easier for new businesses to develop – not shut the door on immigration but set new standards to deal with illegal immigrants – eliminate  the Unaffordable health plan  that is putting companies out of business and raised rates for people so high they can’t afford healthcare. The guy is not a perfect human-being  just as we all have faults. In a nutshell, he has many plusses with a few negatives. I think Trump made many mistakes right out of the starting gate but MAY HAVE seen the errors of his ways.


In a nutshell, he has many more plusses with a few negatives. I think Trump may even agree that he made many mistakes right out of the starting gate and MAY HAVE seen the errors of his ways.

At least he can say:


2nd scenario:  We have a female running for the Big Chair that  has a reputation for being a pathological liar in every sense of the word – has been part of the political system at significantly different levels of government for many years and has little to show for it – was directly or indirectly responsible for the loss of lives in military operations involving the USA – has a foundation worth billions that is constantly under scrutiny for illegal activities, is now under investigation, many of the accusations have been proven –  wants open borders (our country can’t support itself let alone 10’s  of 1,000’s of foreigners), many of the entries having criminal histories – has embellished many situations to make herself look heroic, claimed he was under fire when she wasn’t  – claimed to be broke when she and Wild Bill left the White House (always has the sympathetic violin out playing a sad tune) – has deliberately  broken the rules  against federal policies while serving as attorney general  – thumbed her nose at congressional subpoenas – has instructed the people working for her to deliberately lie in her defense or take the 5th amendment when questioned about irregular activities – supported illegal activities such as sanctuary cities that hide out people many with criminal backgrounds – is under the protection of the president of the USA, who also knowingly lied to in her defense – has been involved in more speculative criminal activities  then just about anyone in history that has run for the presidency  – has been instrumental in some of the most incomprehensible deals, such as the Iran giveaways that has cost the country billions of dollars, all in which the USA came away empty handed and put the entire world at risk in the NEAR future – has been bailed out and been shielded because of who she is.

After digesting all of those SUBSTANTIATED facts and using good common sense, who should an intelligent person vote for? Keyword, intelligent.

Now we put both scenario 1 and scenario 2 on a justice scale to see which one of them outweighs the other.  There can only be one legitimate conclusion. In the big scheme of things, #2 has made #1 look like a nun living in a cloistered community.

The rationale behind people supporting BB does not make sense to me. With a history as she has, anyone with 1/2 a brain has to know that; when  you lock a drunk in a liquor store overnight they drink up everything they can get their hands on, then lie about doing it.

There are several reasons that BB’s followers are going to vote for her and none of them make sense. Because she is a woman – they hate Trump – they are so gullible it is comprehension  – they espouse to her ultra-liberal PC mentality – they have their heads where the sun doesn’t shine. I left out idiots.

It is common knowledge among the military leaders (not Obama’s puppets) that there has never been a passive, ultra-liberal government that has come out on top in any military operation, either at home or across the pond.  Fighting  wars with a power-puffs is never going to achieve victory. If anyone in this country hasn’t noticed, we are at war on many fronts, here and around the world.

We can all see (unless we have blinders on) that the passive way of fighting a war does not  cut it.  I actually detest wars and any type of violence BUT , if forced into situations; go out there, win the war as quickly as possible and get it over.

There is a very important issue that many of the citizens of our country, either don’t want to admit or they never thought of. There are powerful bastards in this world that start wars deliberately for the profits.  I can’t think of anyone  on the human scale that is lower than they are, by absolutely knowing what the ravages of war produce.  They knowingly  put others, not themselves or their family in harm’s way for the profit.  There are massive amounts of money made by The Chosen Few that profit by wars and they do not want them to end.

IF  we are in a situation where we have to eliminate the enemy, whether it is at home or abroad, it has to be done with precision and speed.  First and foremost, identify who they are, never announce to them we are coming in 1 month to get them. The Donald has probably plagiarizing me. I have said for years, the element of surprise is the most effective weapon in warfare.

Have a well-laid plan put together by competent people that know wars, not politicians that have never served – have the qualified personnel to execute it  – get in right away using the element of surprise – do what has to be done to correct the problems permanently and make a quick clean exit.

I could never understand why we rebuild a country after destroying it. Only possible reason; the same war-mongers are making money from it.

Some uninformed people think that fighting wars the PC way saves lives. It is just the opposite.  The initial all out attack may produce collateral damage but in the long run, will cause far fewer casualties than a war that is drug out and fought by the rules.  The only rules in fighting a war are; there are no rules but to win.

It is a fact that our enemies knows the weaknesses of the American way of fighting a war and they use it against us.

There is living or should I say dying proof that fighting by the rules is very counter-productive.

There are some conflicting estimates that the wars in the Middle East have cost the USA between 4 – 6 TTTTillion dollars. Either way, that is a shit load of soldi.  One of the most ironic things, the people in that part of the world are now worse off in every aspect of their lives than before we illegally invaded their countries.  Better yet, there is no end in sight.

They have been fighting their religious wars for 1,000’s of years and will continue to do so for 1,000’s more.

If we (the voters in this country) put BB in that Big Chair, there will NEVER be an end to the predicaments we are in around the world. She vows to follow Obama’s legacy.

If Trump is elected, as he should be for many reasons, at least there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Can he do everything he wants to do? Absolutely not but either can BB.

It is up to the American people; WHAT DO YOU WANT????  Do we want to elect BB for all the wrong reasons or elect Trump, who is NOT without sin but on the overall justice scale is a more credible and qualified person for the job, hands down. 

WHAT DO WE HAVE TO LOSE???  Only a fool continues going  back to the same used car salesman time after time and driving home a junker.

download-3            images

This or this?   Seems like a pretty simple choice



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