If there ever was a man ……

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How This Father-Son Running Duo Became Hall-Of-Fame Ironman

If there ever was a man to be admired for his love and devotion to his family, it has to be Dick Hoyt.


I have watched this man for years do for his son what 99.99% of the male population in the world would never think of doing or could ever be able to do.

Rick Hoyt was born without the ability to talk – walk and barely move. Dick built his son Rick a computer so he is able to communicate.

Dick and his wife wanted their son to grow up ass normal as possible.  They knew that aside from Rick’s disabilities there was a warrior asleep inside of their  son just waiting to be awakened.

Through the means of his computer, Rick told his father that he wanted to participate in a five-mile run.  The fact that Dick was not an athlete, he would never think of turning his sons’ request down.  That is when their involvement in competition changed both of their lives forever.

It developed a bond between father and son like no other on earth.

Seeing is believing what Dick has accomplished for his son and himself by participating in hundreds of triathlons.  The dynamic duo has competed in 300 triathlons and 60 marathons together. I have watched many of them in total amazement.

“After that first race, he wrote on his computer, ‘Dad, when I’m running, it feels like my disability disappears.’

The physical endurance that is needed to perform in these sporting events are way out of the realm of possibility for people that are athletes, yet Dick who was not big on sporting activities got himself into shape. The rest is history. He swam – carried – biked his son through them all and finished each event.  The guy is a Superman in more ways than one.

There are not enough accolades I can lay on Dick for his heroic efforts as a father and for his son Rich that brought this great beast inside his father out to do what he has done.

If this video doesn’t bring tears to our eyes, you are not human.

Dick Hoyt certainly deserves the father of the century award for all of his accomplishments and the love and devotion he has for his son.




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