Absolutley no respect for the $$$$


For high-rolling drivers in the United Arab Emirates, no car is complete without a single-digit license plate.

Many people in this world have a hard time making their car payment/note (note/payment depending on where you come from) but this over-the-top oil sucking Dude from Dubai, Balwinder Sahni spent $9,000,000.00  for a license plate because it had the #1 stamped on it.


                                             SHOWN WITH 2 OTHER CARS HE OWNS 


The cost of the ride he is putting the #1 plate on starts out in the neighborhood of  about $250,000.00.  That means the piece of tin (possibly made of gold) he is hanging on the front bumper costs 36 times what the car cost, depending on what model he bought.

In the big scheme of things, Balwinder is really a piker. As we can see by the spending habits of these oil rich dudes, it is about status. The lower the number the more it cost.

In 2008 a businessman from Dubai bought a plate for $14,000.000.00.

What is ironic about the way of life in that part of the world; before they started sucking that black liquid gold out of the ground in 1908 that made many of them billionaires, they were shitting out of a window because they didn’t have any in door toilet facilities.  Now the heirs to the fortunes are pissing away trillions of dollars because they have nothing better to do. Did they ever hear of sharing their wealth??

A great example of their extravagance is the indoor ski slope they built that cost 6.9 billion dollars, where the temperatures in the part of the world can reach 125 degrees.


Despite the vast amount of money some of these camel jockeys are making, they treat the people who work for them worse that they do their animals.


It is all well and good to be very wealthy but for many of them their financial status  is very lopsided. The way they treat workers from other parts of the world that go to places like Dubai to make a living, in many cases can be considered inhumane.

The Guardian:

The investigation reveals that:

■ Companies are withholding the passports of migrant workers, trapping them in the UAE.

■ Thousands of workers are living in substandard or squalid conditions elsewhere in the UAE in apparent breach of the TDIC’s pledge to house them all in its model Saadiyat accommodation village.

■ Dozens of workers were deported this year for striking over pay and conditions.

■ Workers decorating the university live in squalid conditions, with 10 men to a room, no free healthcare and some trapped because they have to pay back huge recruitment fees.

■ Mobile-phone video footage of a riot at the SAV in August shows dozens of men roaming the camp armed with metal spears and planks spiked with nails. Men are seen jumping out of windows to avoid the conflict.

■ A worker who claims he lost his leg while building luxury villas has been forced to live on the top floor of a migrant camp for a year. He only received a prosthetic leg last month and has been reliant on the Red Crescent for medical support. His claim for compensation and request for ground-floor accommodation have been rejected.

■ Louvre workers are having to work for nine months to a year just to pay back their recruitment fees. One worker who went on strike over poor wages was kept in his camp unpaid for three months and then sent back to Pakistan with 19 others.

All they do is give the human-rights committee the finger when they try to investigate them.  They are all inner connected and form one big sham.


The long and the short of it; I would have to really stretch my imagination to justify spending $14,000,000.00 on a license plate no matter how much I was worth. I have to cough up $65.00 for mine and consider that a big rip-off.

If some of these people were more generous with their wealth and spread it around to the needy,  I would say they could hold their heads a little higher. But with their kind of mentality, what should we expect from a country like Saudi Arabia that still has a ban on women driving cars?

In all of his wisdom, Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud said he still is not convinced that women should be allowed to drive. 


Talk about caveman intellect. The year is 2016 guys in case you haven’t noticed.

Just part of the give-aways from the USA.  Talk about blowing money.


Can we even begin to imagine that the USA is still giving Saudi Arabia a welfare check every year along with all of these other countries?


Saudi Arabia’s King Salman meets with President Barack Obama in January. Saudi Arabia is one of nearly 40 countries that receive U.S. aid despite making no progress in meeting U.S. fiscal transparency requirements, a new State Department report finds.

I wonder what that white stuff is piled on the table?

Someone has to convince me that the wheels of balance are not out of kilter!

7 more days to make the change.  Those that vote the other way will have no one but themselves to blame when the whole thing falls apart.  Just like the Rman Empire. The arrogance and ego of it’s leaders put them under.


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