Those who live in glass castles …..

What a mouth on this one.

I really don’t have a problem with any person expressing themselves however they see fit. But for sure, theoretically it sure isn’t ladylike (if such a creature still exists).

The way I see it, the kind of language that is spewing from Neera is on the same level with Donald Trump’s locker room talk.  Has anyone chastised her?


Fox News

Neera Tanden is the president of a left-wing think tank called the Center for American Progress, and a longtime ally of Hillary Clinton. She is also the most colorful figure to emerge from the stash of hacked emails published by WikiLeaks.

Tanden has a potty mouth, and talks a lot of trash, but she’s also mostly right whenever she complains about something, such as the absurd secrecy of Hillary’s inner circle of friends, who withheld information about her email habits at the State Department because “they wanted to get away with it.”

Here are some of Tanden’s greatest hits:

“F—ing insane”

Supposedly that is how Tanden described the scandal involving Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of state. “Do we actually know who told Hillary she could use a private email?” she wrote in an email to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta in 2015. And has that person been drawn and quartered?”  She is one rough character. Isn’t that what ISIS does?

“F— these a–holes”

I don’t know what is worse; the Donald talking about pussy or one of BB’s female loyalists saying people are fucking insane or fuck these assholes?? 


All I know is; if a person lives in a glass castle, they should not be rolling boulders.
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