From a hero to a zero in 30 seconds

Federal authorities reportedly battled over direction of Clinton email investigation

About a month ago; the Clintons’ were so elated that the FBI director ruled in their favor; there was a rumor circulating  by people close to the family, if Wild Bill and BB had another kid, they were thinking of naming Chelsea’s sibling Comey.  Possibly just a rumor.


Now that the guy decided to do what he was sworn to do, uphold the law; on the Clinton Machine’s chart of popular people, he went from a hero to a zero in 30 seconds.

When Comey (needless to say there was some intervention from higher-up) initially sided with BB and decided not to recommend an indictment, all of the hypocrites in DC stayed out of it pretending they were not involved.  Now that his decision is reversed on account of new findings, all of a sudden everyone from the top down came out of the closet and are forced to exposed their protective hands.

If Loretta Lynch is not ashamed of herself, she should be. I think it is safe to say that this one-time stand-up women sold her soul for her position.

Before she got the nod for Obama’s AG, she had a stellar reputation in the legal field.  Ever since she got the tap on the shoulder, she has discredited herself many different times, all in the defense or under the direction of the Main Man.

I certainly hope that Comey sticks to his guns and doesn’t cave under pressure. He has to do something to salvage part of his reputation and the black eye he gave the FBI.

These new revelations hopefully will bring the Clinton Machine to their knees. They have been skating  and beating the system for decades. I would love to see the justice system stick a giant pin in their grossly inflated ego a watch it spin out of control and slam into the ground.


Based on all of the negative revelations in the last year, is it possible that their supporters are that gullible and believe their preposterous lies or are they that stupid??  It is a big mystery to me.


After this latest round of disparaging emails, according to which polls you want to believe; 30 – 34% of the people who  were dedicated to BB have finally awoken up from a deep sleep and finally see the forest by looking past the tree.  If those numbers are correct; Trump can break out the Champaign.

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2 Responses to From a hero to a zero in 30 seconds

  1. eddie wallace says:

    If you saw this shit in a movie, you wouldn’t believe it

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