Puppeteer pulling the strings


Attorney general disagreed with FBI director’s decision to alert Congress to Hillary Clinton-related emails

I didn’t take long for the head puppeteer to pull the strings in an attempt to halt the FBI’s new investigation into Bill’s Bride email marathon. Anyone with half a brain has to know that this morning Mr. O  met with his AG on the tarmac, in a deserted airplane, for 45 minutes and they just talked about the family.  That is what is vogue in DC these days.

It now appears that the guy named Weiner, who likes to show his wiener, is involved in the scandal by virtue of association; because of his very forgiving wife’s close working relationship with BB.

The FBI was checking his cell phone in connection with his latest sexting with a 15-year-old girl (classy guy) when they happened across some email communications  between BB and the blushing bride of the Wiener Guy.

That in-it-self shed a new light on the 1st controversial decision of the  investigation the FBI fumbled on, so they decided to reopen the case.  There is a tooth fairy after all.

That whole group makes a pretty interesting five-some.  A president who thinks transparency means  a couple that is considering a sex change – an ex-president that had an affair with one of his interns, plus, plus, plus  – his wife that is an habitual liar and law-breaker – a guy named Weiner that likes to show his wiener to young girls and Weiner’s  wife  we can call the 5th wheel.  I am sure one day there will be a movie made about all of this.

Will the real truth ever come out?? Now that Lynch is involved, it will be interesting to see just how far the new investigation will go.

Optimistically, the FBI will do their job unimpeded by higher-ups before the election – the truth will come out about BB  – she gets what is coming to her and Trump gets the nod.

If all of that does come to fruition, I really will believe in the Tooth Fairy.

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