Get out the Duct Tape

Cubs even World Series behind Arrieta’s arm, Schwarber’s bat

It has been a very good start to an exciting World Series between the Indians and the Cubs.

I am surprised that the game hasn’t been picketed by some irate Indian tribe or some pissed off people from a wildlife organization.

The pitching has been amazing.

I think Terry Francona has to be getting a boost from Double Bubble. He plays hell with that gum throughout the entire game.

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One thing that is really disturbing to me and I am sure annoying to other viewers as well, that guy Joe Buck the announcer.  This guy is like a broken record on steroids. He never shuts up, constantly trying to impress the public with statistics.  Who really cares. I have to think most of what he is spewing out has to be scripted.

Point of interest: The all around useful – all purpose Duct tape originally got its name from being used to seal joints on ductwork on heating and air conditioning systems – all of the imposters came later.

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There have been times when I turn the volume down so I don’t have to listen to the guy.

In my eyes,what makes Joe unsuitable for his 5 million dollar a year job; he NEVER played a professional sport. He, like many other kids, jumped on his old man’s Jack’s bandwagon when the time was right. His father was a great announcer in his day.


Like getting a lumberjack giving a seminar on  glass blowing.

“I have never played organized sports in my entire life. Therefore, I am jealous of every successful athlete and talk bullshit because I have no idea what I am doing. 

I will give the guy one thing; at least he is honest.
Joe buddy; cut the dialog down a little and let the game speak for itself. I have a migraine.
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