Wouldn’t you get your hat??


ISIS leaders may flee Mosul as their ranks are decimated

That is the good news.

On the other side of the coin; if someone that was a very formidable adversary of yours sent you a SINGING telegram and told you that they were coming to kick you ass in a couple of weeks, would you stay put and get destroyed or would you get your hat??? If you stuck around, you would be a fool.

I have been preaching for years, the element of surprise is one of the most effective ways of overpowering an opponent/enemy.  The Donald agrees with me.  Our leaders have a compulsion of running their mouths and broadcasting to the enemy exactly  what they intend to do, when and how they intend to do it. BRILLIANT!!!

For about a month, the geniuses that run our military have been broadcasting that  they would be going after ISIS’s top DOGS very soon. What does ISIS do? They got their hat.

BB and her Storm Troopers have been running an ad using a general from the Marine Corps (sad to say) that states Trump is not fit to be president.  The general probably is one of  the scholars that must agree with the military tactics employed by the Obama administration, forwarding the word to the enemy that an attack from the  USA is right down the road. So much for the  guy’s credibility.

Needless to say; I have the utmost respect for the Corps; I proudly served with for many years.  But this general and people like him that side with the methodology employed by Obama and his so called advisers, they have one hell of a lot to be desired.  Possibly a promise for future advancement.

What the terrorists have thought up was very innovative early warning signs.  They stationed  a guy on horseback waiting at the beach front as a look out for the on-coming enemy.  If and when he saw any sign of an attack, he would ride through their villages yelling الأمريكان قادمون – الأمريكان قادمون


Great idea

By the way. The media has been beating up Trump for saying he likes the element of surprise and doesn’t want to be predictable. What do these fools think he means by that???  They know what he means, they just love twisting the facts. No smart military strategist would disagree with him.

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