They are fighting 2 wars

Pentagon demands return of cash bonuses paid to California soldiers for going to war a decade ago

With all of the soldi the pentagon pisses away daily or should I say by the milliseconds; they have the nerve to ask or possibly demand money returned from bonuses that they paid our soldiers; better yet, the government admits it was their own error.  We are not talking about last week or last year, the blood sucking officials are going back 10 years. I wonder if they have the nerve to go after the survivors of the recipients who have died since then???

The overpayments made on account of the government error, the soldiers did not forge documents or obtain the money surreptitiously

At the end of the day, the soldiers ended up paying the largest price,” Maj. Gen. Matthew Beevers, deputy commander of the California Guard, said. We’d be more than happy to absolve these people of their debts. We just can’t do it. We’d be breaking the law.

I have news for General Beevers (catchy name, bet he caught hell with that growing up); the government breaks the law every day and sweeps it under the rug.

Whatever the total sum of the screwup amounts to, it can’t come close to what Uncle Sam squanders.  The government should chalk it up to a TYPO and march on.  The people who put their ass on the line every day for us are fighting two wars, one across the pond and the other  at home. They do not make enough to start with.

California Guard officials conceded to the news media that taking back the money from military veterans is distasteful. That is the first thing they got right.

All it would take is the stroke of a pen from the right person for this to go away, like it never happened.

download-7                             images-2

This is just part of what the government passes-out/gives away/squanders yearly.


It is not that we don’t squander money all over the world unnecessarily; many of whom we are donating to are trying to kill the goose that laid their golden egg.

If they need the soldi that bad; I would suggest that the government deduct a few dollars from all of the non-working stiffs on Pennsylvania Ave. that have been on the gravy train for years and are grossly overpaid.

download-6              honda-asleep-again-cspan-772x350

Sad to say, it is one thing falling asleep during a meeting  but the scary thing is; when they wake up they are voting on an issue or laws they know nothing about. America’s finest.



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