Not speculation anymore

This is a must see video for all to view; especially the foolish PC BELIEVERS/SHEEP  that have been sucked into the put on Southern-Charm of the Clinton Machine for so many years.

It goes to show exactly what kind of people they really are and to what extent they have gone to and will go to in order to bamboozle the American people into winning this election.

The video is about 16 minutes long but is well worth the time to view.

If after watching the video, if you still are not thoroughly convinced of the corrupt nature of this family  – the underhanded and criminal acts associated with them and their co-conspirators;  you have a major  problem.

If after viewing the video, if you still believe in the honesty and integrity of the family, I still have 30,000 acres of PRIME swampland for sale at bargain basement prices . Better hurry before they are all snapped up.


White House Issues Literal Warning to People Watching O’Keefe Videos

This video is one of series of videos made by Project Veritas that have revealed even more corruption than we can ever imagine inside the Clinton Machine; including many  people hired to do their dirty work.  To be fair;  I am sure that out of the entire flock, there has to be a few people who are decent but are very gullible and naive.

When Donald Trump makes claims that the election PROCESS is rigged, his accusations are not directed exclusively to voters fraud, they can involve many other unorthodox methods, in some case,  criminal tactics that are used to discredit him.

This is exactly what the Clinton Machine  has created, a Panzer Division of storm troopers using devious methods of casting a shadow on Trump’s campaign.

As the video shows; The Clinton Machine hired PROFESSIONAL thugs to disrupt Trump’s campaign by starting fights and causing disruptions to make it look like Trump’ people are the aggressors. Many of the thugs involved have extensive criminal histories.  Birds of a feather.

Based on what I have read through the years about the Clinton’s background and their quest for greatness, it really doesn’t surprise me that they will do whatever it takes to get whatever they are SHOOTING for.

There has been so much speculation over time of criminal activities connected with them but like with the Teflon Don, so far nothing has stuck. But – always the BIG BUT; sooner or later the hammer is going to drop on them just like it did Gotti.

If I were a betting man; I would wager that BB is the King Pin in the organization. Wild Bill had a very questionable track  record but nothing like we are seeing in this election. You can be the judge.

If Trump doesn’t use all of this material and videos to expose the Panzer Division, he will be missing the boat.

As bad as the believers/sheep, in this case, (the same thing) want to support BB, they have to be deeply offended by her to see what is going on in the Clinton camp. If we want to get down to brass tacks; the Clinton Machine is spitting in everyone’s face that is supporting them by using and abusing them through their deception.

What we see in this video is absolutely criminal.  It is a mockery to American justice that they have been able, with the help of the Main Man in some cases, to become as untouchable as they are.

Let us hope that ALL of the American people open their eyes as see exactly what their flimflam operation amounts to and put their X’s in the Trump box in November. If not, what we have witnessed in this video is the tip of the iceberg.  I would hate to have to say I told you so. But I will.

This puppet is actually studdering trying to answer a question asked of him by a reporter.

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