One extreme to the other

Rape sentence of 1,503 years a contrast to controversial Montana case

In the Grizzly State of Montana, there is a brain-dead judge that gave a low-life degenerate a  60-day sentence for raping his own daughter.  Being the benevolent ass-hole he is, his dishonorable  even took off 17 days for time served,  giving the scumbag rapist a grand total of 43 days sentence for his despicable crime.

download-2                 download-4

Since then, there has been a strong outcry from the public for the imbecilic  judge to step down.

In sharp contrast to that;  a judge in California who seems to have a little something between his ears gave another scumbag rapist of his own daughter a 1,503-year sentence for the same thing. The case in California; the poor girl was raped 2 – 3 times a week for 4 years.


This demented bastard tried to put the blame on his daughter for the crimes; saying she enticed him.

One thing Jose can bank on beside a very long sentence. When he gets to the slams, he will find out that even the most hardened criminals have a very big disdain for scum bags that rape their own daughters. I am sure they already have a welcoming committee waiting for him. You can bet they are sure to break his pinata along with a few other things.


Jose has to look at the bright side of his situation. After he serves 50 years he only has another 1,453 to go.

Here again is a strong case for my suggestion to make ALL crimes in our 50 states have the same mandatory punishment; eliminating the possibility  of bleeding hearted or judges on the take to get away with illogical sentences.  Common sense folks.

Castration should be mandatory for any animal that rapes a family member.


Don’t forget;       download-3

Let us get rid of the bleeding-hearted PC-ers that have run this country into the ground.

Give some justice to the victims of crimes instead of rewarding the criminals; many times by granting them early releases for LOW-LEVEL crimes.  What if it was your daughter????


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