Talk about; The fix is in

Obama Goes Off on Reporter Who Dares Ask Question That Didn’t Get Pre-Approval:

I am sure this selective practice was or has not just been implemented during the Obama administration but has been followed throughout many presidencies.

Obama Goes Off on Reporter Who Dares Ask Question That Didn’t Get Pre-Approval

I don’t know how many people are aware; all reporters are hand pick to attend press conferences and better yet, their questions are scrutinized by the president’s people as to what they can and can not ask during the Q&A period. How about those apples.

This procedure is just another example of how corrupted the system is, that all question must be approved before the answer is given.  Give me a ^$*&!@ break.

If in fact, their question is not to the administration’s liking, the reporters are not permitted to attend or they will not be called upon.

There is absolutely no end to their lack of transparency and concealment.

The moral of this story is; literally, everything the president does is scripted as not to embarrass them.  I always said; if there isn’t anything to hide, what is the difference what the question is, as long as it does not jeopardize national security.

The more the public is kept in the dark in certain matters, the less trouble the big wigs can get into.

I worked with a person years ago that was the president of a major phone company.  The initials for the company started with an A and ended with a T. Take a guess.

This man would shutter if someone asked him a question and would literally not show up for meetings, fearful of that fact. Like in politics, he was just a figurehead or a token that was placed in that position.

Name withheld because of embarrassment.

Se le scarpe montarli messo su

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