Fools keep piling up

Anthem singer at Heat-76ers game kneels during performance


What more can be said about these unpatriotic fools I haven’t said already?

I do not believe that the team owners or whoever sanctions the people to sing the National Anthem didn’t know in advance that this female fool was going to pull her stunt!!

I hope someday their ignorance comes back to haunt them.

I still say the fans that attend these games who don’t walk out when the circus starts, are almost as pathetic as the kneelers.

The only way the owners of the teams will get the message is when it hurts their bottom $$$$$.  I can guarantee, if the seats were empty, the owners would find a way to circumvent this unacceptable behavior.

People aren't tuning NFL out due to kneeling. People are tuning NFL out because it's bad.

Just look at last week when the viewing/ratings of the NFL on the tube were down; the billionaires were lining up on the Brooklyn Bridge ready to leap off.


It is about time the owners took some action to support the country that made all of the greedy (&%^#$% very wealthy.

Use a recorder instead of a live singer and play the anthem before the teams come out on the floor/field. Take the opportunity away from the sheep to make fools out of this country. How difficult is that Boys and Girls???


                 THE WALL OF SHAME

One of the dumbest animals in the world are sheep. Why you ask?

suicide-sheep         because they are stupid animals and follow their leader blindly over the cliff.  WELLLLLLLLLLLLLL

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