The pot’is calling the kettle black

The all sure have big ones!!!!


I guess they (we all know who they are) never heard of the phrase Silence is Golden.

The other night, the AG of the USA Loretta (Shameful) Lynch gave a speech in Europe describing the poisonous effects of public corruption in government. Are you shitting me? That is absolutely the POT’IS CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK?



The gall of people like her is absolutely astounding. They are so used to bullshitting, assuming people believe them, it is an automatic reflex when thy open their mouths.

Even a mentally challenged person (not making fun of the unfortunate, I have great admiration and respect for them ), if they watched the news, could see the deliberate lying, deception , and conniving of the Obama administration and just about everyone connected to it.  Yet, some of them they have the BALLS to stand tall and talk about corruption in government. It makes me want to pull out the little hair I have left.

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“And like many of you, I have seen firsthand how corruption, at bottom, is about breaking trust. It is about undermining citizens’ belief in their elected officials.  It is about betraying the people’s faith that when public monies are spent on services for citizens – from infrastructure to education – none of those funds will be misappropriated for selfish ends.

“And it is about poisoning the civic spirit of a people – displacing passion with cynicism, and solidarity with suspicion.  And that is why the U.S. Department of Justice has made it a priority to root out, prosecute, and prevent corruption.”

She even had the nerve (“And like many of you) trying to put others attending the conference, in the same category she is in. If I were one of the attendees, I would have been highly insulted by her insinuations.

I can bet that the majority of the people who attended the European conference were laughing so hard they pissed all over themselves after hearing her hypocritical statement.


Is this woman delusional or what??? She has become one of the top players in the corrupted system and has the nerve to throw stones at others when she should be third in line to take a hit.

Just one example; her involvement or lack of in the BB email scandal.  I don’t care how they slice it; it is still a cover-up.

Yeah; we all know that Lynch and Wild Bill only talked about family in their clandestine meeting on the tarmac.  Please, FOLKS give the American people a little more respect than you do for not being a bunch of imbeciles.

If you noticed she said corruption at the bottom.  She was probably trying to deflect any improprieties at the top where most exist. What she should have said, throughout all governmental agencies from the top to the bottom. Especially in the Obama administration; I can not remember when there has  been more disrespect for the laws and flagrant lying to the people than with this pack of wolves.

The best thing this lady and people like her can do is; zip it up and say nothing so they don’t make bigger fools out of themselves than they already have.

The big wigs in the USA have to take a step back and realize that they are NOT the players they were years ago.  Much of the clout and respect the USA had at one time has been flushed down the drain.


They are just another face in the crowd wearing earphones .

It is time to get back that respect.


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