Still want company???

If these examples of what some of the many downsides to opening our borders are, I don’t know what it takes.

The video is a sample depiction  of one of many complications that are involved when any country opens the floodgates of immigration.  It is a wonderful thing to be generous and kind to those in need but at what and whose expense?

We have to remember; mostly all of the people in the civilized world  have spent years, working their asses off to try to make a better home/life for themselves and their families.

When the floodgates of immigration  are opened, the very wealthy that were so adamant about accepting 10′ of 1,00’s of people do not have to live or mingle with them. They are on top of Knob Hill looking at all the little people suffer.

Open immigration as we see it today is the brainstorm of the Obama’s – the Clinton’s and many of the other PC-ers like them. It is  absolutely counter-productive to the welfare of the American citizens. They have NEVER stopped and given any consideration to the fact; what the hell do we do with them after they get here??? 

The people at the top do not want to admit, either because of stupidity or stupidity or stupidity; under our present conditions, we can not take care of our own citizens in the manner they should be taken care of, yet; we are going to jeopardize our lifestyles and the necessities we worked so hard for and give them away to people, some of which, are trying to kill us.

In the name of ALL common sense. What the ^$*& are these  people looking at.

They have the same mentality as the people who never gave any forethought to; after they illegally invade a country and conquer them, then what do we do.  Their ignorance is overwhelming.

Play this video over and over, so possibly it may sink in.

It is against the law in Paris, France to throw a cigarette on the sidewalk.  Yet after being invaded by illegals, this is the aftermath.

Who are the idiots????

Intelligent people learn from others mistakes so they don’t make the same ones.  I did say, intelligent people.


We all know what his sensible stand on the immigration issue  is.

Life in this world has gotten to the point; from here on in, it is survival of the fittest and the wisest. Charity should always  begin at home. 


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