Don’t be like The Animal

Prediction from across the pond:

The old saying; follow the money has been a very good barometer for many years in determining the outcome of a horse race – sporting activity  or in this case a political event.

The money people in Great Britain say that Trump is going to win the election by 61%. I sincerely  hope our funny talking cousins  are right on.

The debate last night was very intense at times. I think if two men were the combatants, there may have been quite a bit of bloodshed.

I was pleased to see; that for the most part, Trump kept his composure. That is very difficult for anyone to do, especially when they are being nailed to the cross. His tell-tale facial expressions were minimal in comparison to other debates when he got pissed off.

On the other side of the stage; BB had a superficial  grin on her face a good part of the night when Trump had her butt over the fire.  That is definitely a sign of someone who is very nervous or someone has been hit them in a weak spot.  I wonder who her dentists is??

Speaking of cosmetics; she never looked so good in the makeup department. Must have spent 1/2 a day cosmetologist’s chair.  That pants suit she had on had to set The Foundation back at least about 3 – 4 grand.   I don’t ever recall seeing BB in a dress????

When Chris Wallace asked BB about the infidelities of Wild Bill, she COMPLETELY avoided the question like it didn’t exist.  I was very surprised that Trump didn’t jump on that right away  and Wallace didn’t press her for an answer.  She is definitely a master at her trade.

To put her aspirations into a nutshell;  BB insistence of carrying on Obama’s work is one of the most detrimental statements she can make. Regardless of what the democrats want us to believe; the reason this country is in dire straights, because of Obama’s poor decision or no decision-making  at all.

Post 10-19-16

These are a few of the examples I came up with as to the success of the Obama administration.

  1. opened the flood gates to illegals from countries around the world – many of which, when the settled in,  have more benefits than our own citizens have
  2. deny your own people the necessities of life while squandering money all over the world in pledges to foreign countries, especially the countries that have sworn to destroy us  – I have yet to see one Euro,Yen or any other currency ever come into the USA as a donation to help us when  we needed it.  Many of the countries we donate to can buy and sell us many time over
  3. spend the taxpayer’s money like a drunken sailor on the family or non-government related business activities – by all accounts, the Obama family has spent more public money than any other family that has occupied the Casa Bianca.
  4. making deals (PLEADING) with our known enemies that have sworn to kill us – in doing so supplying them with all the necessary tools and $$$$$$$ to follow through with their threats
  5. releasing low-level prisoners from the slams by the thousands, that by their low-level actions (according to Mr. O’s definition)  have caused the deaths and destruction of multitudes of people. I guess that is not a consideration
  6. released prisoners from Gitmo, knowing that the majority of them return to their old ways of terrorism and have been known to be instrumental in causing the death of 100’s if not 1,000’s of people after their release
  7. cut or military to shreds, the one thing that has been the salvation of the USA, while all of our adversaries are beefing theirs up
  8. has done little to nothing to develop the race relations in this country to where they should be – he was the Great Black Hope that failed his own people
  9. for over 6 years in office, the unemployment in this country was a disaster – no telling exactly what it’s condition is now, their entire way of doing business is a smoke screen/sham
  10. transparency my ass – there has never been a more clandestine administration in history – the blunders, deliberate incidents and cover-ups they pulled should be considered sacrilegious
  11. deliberately got involved in BB’s (Bill’s Bride) criminal/illegal activities and made sure that no charges would be brought against her for all of her of her wrong doings – keeping his blood oath to Bill Clinton, a man that he detests
  12. turned his head too many times to count – where he could have been involved and assisted in issues come to an amicable resolution – he should have been the president for ALL the people, not just some of them
  13. permitted guys like Eric Holder to do a number on the citizens of this country – by Holders own admission – Holder said; that in some of his explosive rhetoric he was speaking for Obama, who because of his position could not express himself the way he wanted to in his first speech to the American people Holder called the American people were a bunch of cowards –  I thought that was a brilliant way to start off as the AG for the USA, making friends and influence people – Holder never made it a secret that he was very racist
  14. appointing puppets to strategic positions to delay or make it impossible that justice be served in some very significant and illegal situations opened the floodgates to illegals with little or no vetting – many of whom are criminals and have committed horrific crimes while in this country – (BB the person Obama is backing is determined to implement open borders if elected) – how about those apples – think we have problems now?? Just wait and see IF she gets
  15. opened the flood gates to illegals with little or no vetting – many of whom are criminals and have committed horrific crimes while in this country – (BB the person Obama is backing is determined to implement open borders if elected) – how about those apples – think we have problems now?? Just wait and see IF she gets in
  16. have sanctioned and fortified sanctuary cities that are strictly against the law
  17. by his liberal mentality of how to fight and win a  war (with power puffs) have caused multitudes of deaths and injuries to our troops – has dragged out the wars for years that could have been ended in months if fought like a war should be fought and taken the PC-nees out of them – fired or dismiss scores of high-ranking military personnel that disagreed with him, people who know how wars should be to be fought, if winning was the ultimate goal; something I always wonder about?????
  18. at one time, refused to wear the America flag pin on his lapel – didn’t want to show partiality – if the president of the USA can not be partial, who can be?? That would lead any savvy person to ask; whose  side is he on? It is my opinion that the man is completely out of his element as the president of the USA.   He was  unqualified in 2007 and still is today. Anyone at the top that runs an organization with an iron fist refused to take suggestions or recommendation from people who  have been there, experts in their fields,  that is not the way to run a successful business or government.  There have been many military and political figures that opposed Obama or disagreed with him that were shown the exit door.

These are parts of the legacy that BB wants to carry on.

On the immigration issue. Who in their right mind would want to have open borders?? BB wants to increase the number of Syrian refugees into the USA by 500% over what Obama has done. I haven’t seen BB or Wild Bill invite any of these people to set up housekeeping with them for an extended period???

Some of the refugees from Syria are not the run of the mill refugees. In their mix are a very high  percentage that are criminals, whose presence in the USA can only be detrimental to our security.

The USA’s  vetting process is like when I joined the USMC. The eye test consisted of the examiner asked me if I could see the wall the chart was hanging on. I said yes; he kicked me in the ass and shoved me out the hatch.

BB on the employment issue; same old violin story for almost 8 years. Obama’s first mission when he took the Big Chair should have been organizing something similar to WPA as Roosevelt did.  That in itself would have eliminated a multitude of social problems including our out of control crime as well as many racial issues. But when a person that has the mentality, people are not supposed to work for a living and be supported by the working taxpayers; I guess that goes against their grain.


When anyone sits around with too much time on their hands, the devil is always whispering in their ear.

TOPIC:  Bringing back and developing new industry in this country. Our government leaders have to get it through their thick skulls that anyone who is business has to make a profit. They have just the opposite approach. They want to penalize them. That is unless they have a personal stake in the company.   The laws that regulate the industry and the tax codes are so out of wack that it is almost impossible for anyone to survive in this country.

I am not suggesting to let them give them Carte Blanche  but I am suggesting that the government work with business instead of against them.

The lopsided/one-sided press is trying to hang Trump out to dry for saying that he thinks getting along with the Judo guy is a good idea. So do I and so should anyone else with half a brain. Why would we not want to get along with Russia?


I knew a guy extremely well years back who was an 110% honest business man.  He could absolutely NOT BE BOUGHT. One thing that he had to do on a daily basis was deal with the Mob but only out of necessity. He had a saying he lived and died by; I will break bread with them but never sleep with themHe was a rare and very wise person.

Anyone in this world that thinks the entire system at any level is squeaky clean, that person has been living in a cave. There is corruption at every turn. The key to dealing with the elements and make them work for you; do what you have to do with-in reason to keep the peace, but NEVER sleep with the enemy. Use them to your advantage.

Trump has been criticized for taking advantage of the LEGAL tax laws when he lost a substantial amount of money that was legal to be deducted from future income.  That is the law. Why shouldn’t he take advantage of it??

That is a hell of a lot better than some tax-dodgers close to this administration that has been appointed to a political position and has the keys to the front door of the Casa Bianca.


If I was a fly on the wall!!

They say he still owes 4.5 million. Most other citizens that were not connected would be wearing striped prison uniforms and eating out of a tin tray.

To put the icing on the cake; Albert Sharpless was appointed by Obama to be the Race Ambassador. How do we like those apples??

From where I sit; the guy has done a cellar, not a stellar job.

I will agree with BB that their foundation has done a lot of good charity work around the world but I think it MAY be a front for other activities that are questionable. I am trying to be delicate.

Talk about misogyny; BB didn’t answer Trump’s question when he asked he;  why she is not giving back the millions in donations to countries that treat the dogs and camels better than their women. Silence is a great tell tale sign of guilt.

One pronounced difference between the two candidates. BB will bull-shit the people and tell them exactly what they want to hear. Trump, on the other hand, will tell it like it is and takes the lumps that go with it.

When asked at the end of the debate if he would support BB if she won; Trump’s answer was, I will let you know when the time comes.  Donald has a lot of little hang-ups but one thing that can not be said about him, he is not a hypocrite.

I would have given the same answer. How can either side that has literally chopping the shit out of their opponent, ever concede that the other side is right and support it?



I don’t know about anyone else??  Where I was born and raised, if I did not like someone, I would go up and tell them to their face; I can’t stand you, son-of -a-bitch. I much rather deal with someone of that temperament than a guy that pats me on the back with an ice pick in his hand.


Do we want to suffer another 4 possibly 8 more years of getting patted on the back with an ice pick or have a president that is going to put it all on the line and do what is right for all Americans not just THE CHOSEN FEW???

The reality is; the US of A can not take too many more lumps. We need a decisive leader that the world listens to instead of laughs at.  Take one guess.

There was a scene in a great movie year back called the Stalag 13 that always sticks in my mind. One of the characters in the movie’s name was The Animal.

The movie took place in a prisoner of war camp in Germany during WW II.

At the time, The Animal had been incarcerated for about 3 or 4 years. He received a letter from his wife telling him that she was pregnant with THEIR child.

In the scene, The Animal was sitting on his bunk, read the letter and announced to all of his comrades that his wife was having a baby and it was his.  All of his cronies laughed their asses off but The Animal still believed.

That was the day that ALL of the gullible PC-ers in the USA were born.  The truth about the Clinton’s is smacking them in the face – most all of their claims are impossible to believe and have been proven so but YET, like The Animal, they still believe.

It is a great movie. If you get a chance watch it.

All of the finger pointing and name calling can be kicked back and forth for centuries without arriving at any consensus.  The key to making intelligent decisions is; look at the evidence – look into a person’s history, see what they are made of  – look at whom they associated with – look at all of it open-mindedly and then come to a conclusion. Don’t take things at face value or just them to be one of your group.

Who would you rather be in a foxhole with and who is the most qualified to get the USA out of these dangerous conditions that exist?

BB has had 30 years of being instrumental in passing into laws and issues she now says she intends to change.  They must have been wrong to start with. As usual, she is just saying what the voters want to hear.


You know what to do in November. Don’t be as naive as The Animal.




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