Will his words come back to haunt him???

“So many of the things that we focus on each day — the political ups and downs, the successes and the setbacks — those things are fleeting,” Obama said. “What matters in the end is what we build.  What matters is what we leave behind — the things that will endure long after we are gone.”

This is part of a speech Mr. O made at a state dinner last night.  Said like a true politician. Two words Mr. O left out of his statement – the things GOOD or BAD that will endure long after we are gone!!!


What matters is what we leave behind — the things that will endure long after we are gone.”

That is a mouth full coming from a man who has been the main spoke in the wheel of government causing the regression of the USA in so many different areas.  One of the few things that he has accomplished under his administration is successfully moved forward at Mach 5 speed with our national debt.

When Obama took office the national debt was 10.62 trillion dollars. This morning it is a staggering 19.7 trillion dollars. Makes a guy wanna to puke.  By the time I finish this post, it will have jumped another few billion.



I really doubt this debt will ever be paid off. In 2015 alone, the government paid 233 billion or 6% of the federal budget just keeping up with the interest.  It is just burning up money with no forethought or concern.


Many times I try to look through the eyes of Obama and people like him in politics or otherwise  to try to understand how they tick. It is important to me that I understand them.

I have spent hours doing just that and still have not come up with a logical conclusion. What do they see that many people in this country on the other side of the fence don’t see??

Speaking of which:

What matters is what we leave behind — the things that will endure long after we are gone.”

He is 100% right; what we leave behind for future generations is of the utmost importance. It should not be our own personal self-centered, greedy agendas.

These are a few of the examples I came up with as to the success of the Obama administration.

  1. opened the flood gates to illegals from countries around the world – many of which, when the settled in,  have more benefits than our own citizens have
  2. deny your own people the necessities of life while squandering money all over the world in pledges to foreign countries, especially the countries that have sworn to destroy us  – I have yet to see one Euro,Yen or any other currency ever come into the USA as a donation to help us when  we needed it.  Many of the countries we donate to can buy and sell us many time over
  3. spend the taxpayer’s money like a drunken sailor on the family or non-government related business activities – by all accounts, the Obama family has spent more public money than any other family that has occupied the Casa Bianca.
  4. making deals (PLEADING) with our known enemies that have sworn to kill us – in doing so supplying them with all the necessary tools and $$$$$$$ to follow through with their threats
  5. releasing low-level prisoners from the slams by the thousands, that by their low-level actions (according to Mr. O’s definition)  have caused the deaths and destruction of multitudes of people. I guess that is not a consideration
  6. released prisoners from Gitmo, knowing that the majority of them return to their old ways of terrorism and have been known to be instrumental in causing the death of 100’s if not 1,000’s of people after their release
  7. cut or military to shreds, the one thing that has been the salvation of the USA, while all of our adversaries are beefing theirs up
  8. has done little to nothing to develop the race relations in this country to where they should be – he was the Great Black Hope that failed his own people
  9. for over 6 years in office, the unemployment in this country was a disaster – no telling exactly what it’s condition is now, their entire way of doing business is a smoke screen/sham
  10. transparency my ass – there has never been a more clandestine administration in history – the blunders, deliberate incidents and cover-ups they pulled should be considered sacrilegious
  11. deliberately got involved in BB’s (Bill’s Bride) criminal/illegal activities and made sure that no charges would be brought against her for all of her of her wrong doings – keeping his blood oath to Bill Clinton, a man that he detests
  12. turned his head too many times to count – where he could have been involved and assisted in issues come to an amicable resolution – he should have been the president for ALL the people, not just some of them
  13. permitted guys like Eric Holder to do a number on the citizens of this country – by Holders own admission – Holder said; that in some of his explosive rhetoric he was speaking for Obama, who because of his position could not express himself the way he wanted to in his first speech to the American people Holder called the American people were a bunch of cowards –  I thought that was a brilliant way to start off as the AG for the USA, making friends and influence people – Holder never made it a secret that he was very racist
  14. appointing puppets to strategic positions to delay or make it impossible that justice be served in some very significant and illegal situations
  15. opened the flood gates to illegals with little or no vetting – many of whom are criminals and have committed horrific crimes while in this country – (BB the person Obama is backing is determined to implement open borders if elected) – how about those apples – think we have problems now?? Just wait and see IF she gets in
  16. have sanctioned and fortified sanctuary cities that are strictly against the law
  17. by his liberal mentality of how to fight and win a  war (with power puffs) have caused multitudes of deaths and injuries to our troops – has dragged out the wars for years that could have been ended in months if fought like a war should be fought and taken the PC-nees out of them – fired or dismiss scores of high-ranking military personnel that disagreed with him, people who know how wars should be to be fought, if winning was the ultimate goal; something I always wonder about?????
  18. at one time, refused to wear the America flag pin on his lapel – didn’t want to show partiality – if the president of the USA can not be partial, who can be?? That would lead any savvy person to ask; whose  side is he on???

All of the above were taken from memory. If I wanted to spend the time, I am sure that I can come up with many more Fax Pas the president deliberately or inadvertently got this country into.

Quoting Mr. O:

What matters is what we leave behind — the things that will endure long after we are gone.”

That is possibly one of the most prophetic statements he made since he has been in office. But, I don’t know if I would be bragging about it.

As an indicator of their credibility; the politician’s method of responding to incriminating questions are, by take the 5th – invoke executive privilege – deliberately don’t answer any questions or not showing up for congressional subpoenas. That is their definition of transparency. There are many benefits of being connected to the Big Chair and the person that sits in it.

When all of the president’s terms are over, they build a gigantic library to HONOR THEMSELVES. All of the trash is swept under the rug and no one wants to talk about it. All the kids in the future will ever learn about Mr. Obama is; he was the 1st black president and he did a stellar job while in office.

I would be remiss in my post if I didn’t mention that BB has SWORN to keep Obama’s legacy going.  One of her most dangerous pledges is to have OPEN borders. After viewing all of these substantiated facts; who do you think should get the majority of the X’s next month??

In all of my posts, all 3,700 of them since I began blogging on WordPress, although there may be some that will not agree, I have tried to be very impartial and non-partisan with my opinions.

I never want anyone to assume that I care what race – nationality, sex or religious persuasion is for the person that sits in the Big Chair. My main concern is that the person is 110% a patriot and has the interest and welfare of 110% of the people in this country as their main objective and all of their activities need to be the top priority for ALL of the people of the USA. If there are any crumbs after our country is taken care of; by all means, spread them around.

Mr. Obama being half black and half white has no bearing on my opinions of him. I have the utmost respect for the office but do not like many of the things the current occupant is doing. I let the record books speak for themselves.

From time to time, I may make a mistake (not intentionally) on something I post. I try to research each article with the most legitimate news  agencies. Not all of them are always correct.

My unbiased position has always been. Take a good long look at all of the items I have listed and tell me; if these actions or inactions were taken by someone other than the president of the USA, what would be your opinion as to what their intentions were???????? Anyone with half a brain can ONLY come to one conclusion.

As bad as Trump is in many areas; many of which I have expounded on; under the less than ideal conditions, he is the right person to vote for. If not, all of my listing and much more that have not yet been put into applications yet will take this country to the grave if BB gets the nod.  This you can take to the bank; if there is any money left in it.


Vote with your minds not with your hearts. The salvation of this country is at stake.




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