Get out the crying towel

Sagging NFL TV ratings leave owners scrambling for answers

Doesn’t you heart just bleed for the owner’s of the NFL because their TV ratings are down??


I am relatively sure none of the Billionaire Big Boys are missing a meal. They are so used to being on the top of the heap, when it makes a little downturn, they get very nervous.

The 32 NFL teams are worth as much as every MLB and NBA team combined. Follow Business Insider: The average NFL franchise is now valued at $2.3 billion according the latest valuations released by, a 22% increase over a year ago and a 64% from 2014.

Hopefully, fewer people are watching the games because of the disrespect Kaper-dick and his crew has been demonstrating to the world. Maybe a little patriotism has been revived because of their idiotic actions.

Whatever the reason for the poor ratings, I hope it continues. The only way to get across to the billionaire owners to possibly stand with the country that has made them all extremely wealthy is through their pocketbooks.

I would like to send them all a bucket and a swab to mop up all their tears but I don’t have their mail addresses.


By the way; vote for Trump!!!!



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