The other side of the coin

This is a video that should mandatory for  ALL of the instigating MOTHERS out there to watch; those that consistently want to put down all cops.

This female cop and her partners had plenty of legitimate reasons to shoot this HOPPED up thug but they were concerned for the aftermath.  As a consequence, she took a good beating from the thug.


As we have witnessed in the past few years; much of the black community have a hard on for the cops, whether they are right or wrong in their decision-making.

What they have left out of the equations; what if the circumstances were reversed? What would they do? I think there would be a hell of a lot more people in body bags all around the country.

People like the violent – demonstrating dissidents have no idea what-so-ever what it  is like to deal with people of their caliber.  IF – always the BIG IF; they were fair in their assessment of each situation, this racial thing would have an entirely different complexion.  But the cops are wrong if they are wrong and wrong if they are right. A no win situation when dealing with a pack of fools.

It is the organizations like Black Live Matter and others that keep putting gasoline of the fire.

I am the first one to say; if their demonstrations and rioting DID, in fact, solve the problem; at least they could say there was some advancement to their cause. BUT – the BIG BUT; they are only making matter worse instead of better.

We have no control of what happened yesterday but we do have control of happens tomorrow.

I hope the brave female cop for Chicago comes out of her injuries with no long-lasting effects. She is one brave lady. The hopped up thug could have easily killed her by slamming her to the ground as if he would have shot her.  I just may have shot the guy.


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