Wanna go to dinner honey???

Police say an early morning argument at a Los Angeles restaurant apparently triggered a gun battle that left 3 people dead and 12 wounded.

Things are totally out of control out there. It looks to me like; if you want to go snackin you better be packin!! 

What the hell ever happened to the good old days when two guys got into a beef, stepped outside or hit the other guy over the head with a beer bottle?  It was all over in about 30 seconds and no innocent bystanders got injured or killed.

The regression of civilized behavior in this country has stuck it’s ugly head out of that dirty pit and it seems it is here to stay.

A family can’t even go to dinner without worrying about being caught in the cross hairs of some feuding idiots. Can’t go to a movie theater without worrying about Rambo coming off the screen and mowing down the entire audience.  Hesitant to run a marathon or engage in other activities where there are large crowds for fear of being blasted off the streets.  My friends; that is what I would call progress.

What the hell is the answer??? It positively isn’t the good guys giving up our weapons. Can we even begin to imagine what it would be like if none of the good guys  were armed and the bad guys had all the firearms??  It would be mayhem.

I continually revert back to my fix-all solution to many of the problems we have that our government is turning a blind eye to and a deaf ear. EDUCATION and leading by example. Chances are if a person parents are ugly, they don’t stand a chance of winning any beauty contests.

All people are products of their environment. It is very rare that a diamond stone will ever emerge out of a garbage pit.

Honestly; I don’t see any major changes come down the pike.  This country has regressed so far, I think it is too late for a reversal.

What is my advice? Sad to say; if you want to go snakin, you gotta bee packin. What a hell of a way to live or lives.


Over easy with my eggs, please.






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