Our future leaders????

Protesters with the Black Student Union at the University of California, Irvine, held up signs saying “Blue Lives Don’t Matter,” “Police Kill the Mentally Ill,” and “Fuck the Police” as they called for the complete abolishment of the UC Irvine Police Department Friday.

This is where  our society is headed??

This is the end result of what some kids are learning and how they are getting their minds twisted when they go to college??  This is a direct result of demonstrations from fools like Kaper-dick and the other sheep that disrespect our country.

Some people on this planet don’t have a mind of their own and fall into this situation just because everyone else is doing it. 

‘Blue Lives Don’t Matter’ to UC Irvine Protesters

The University of Irvine and it’s liberal policies are a disgrace and should not be called a school of higher learning.

The police departments around this country are the glue that holds this country together from going into complete chaos. These people put their lives on the line daily to protect the good citizens of this country as well as the rebel-rousers idiots.  I can not even imagine what kind of pandemonium there would be without the cops.

Do the departments have a few bad apples in their mix? Absolutely but those bad apple should be weeded out. They definitely are part of the causes for this social uprising.

Is it the  mentality of the demonstrators; because a percentage of any race or religion has some bad seeds in their midst, they are all bad??? Would it be fair to say that all people that are the same race as the demonstrators are as twisted as they are???

The majority of these fools really don’t know how good they have it. Many of them don’t even know what they are demonstrating about and just want to be of the group.

What would be poetic justice for these clowns would be; to have some hardened criminal with a gun down their throat, them begging for mercy, looking for a cop to bail them out, only to find out that all the cops took the week off.  Sayonara!!

They are the epidemy of ignorance.





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