White-trash scumbag animals


2 men (ANIMALS)charged with kidnapping, sexual assault of Kansas cop

JOHNSON COUNTY, KANS. Authorities say two Missouri men (ANIMALS) are now charged in the kidnapping and sexual assault of a Kansas sheriff’s deputy.

 Captain Brian Hill with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department in Kansas says the incident appears to have been planned, reports CBS affiliate KCTV

According to KCTV5, William Luth, 24, and Brady Newman-Caddell, 21, both face aggravated kidnapping, two counts of rape and aggravated sodomy. They have both been held on a $1 million bond.


The victim, (name withheld) who is in her early 20s, was on her way to work – stopped at a gas station where these 2 scumbag/white-trash animals were laying in wait in their vehicle for a victim. To them, it didn’t matter who it was, they were out there specifically to kidnap and rape anyone they could get their filthy hands on.  The animals had no idea the lady they were kidnapping was an off duty female cop.

After they abducted  two animals drove to a secluded place, raped the lady cop for 2 hours (what horror these women go through), threw her out of the car and fled.

I am surprised the animals didn’t kill her.

Based on her description, the two animals were captured a short time later.

I say; take them straight to the butcher – castrate them with a dull hacksaw, then bring their degenerate asses  to meet Judge Roy Bean (AKA the hanging judge) and have him show them the ropes.




MYTH: Rape is motivated by a desire for sexual gratification.

FACT: Rape and sexual assault are about power and control, not about sex. Rapists use sexual assault as a weapon to dominate, humiliate and harm others.

At one time in the USA, the penalty for rape was death. I say bring it back.  Possibly some of the animal perpetrators will think twice before they decide to cross that line.

What I think is about as low as any lawyer can get, in many cases the ambulance chasers try to fault the victim for the act.  Gotta love this court system.

One of the reasons the death sentence for rape was lifted; it is very hard to prove; especially these days with all of the young ladies passing out their thing like it is on sale at Macy’s on Black Friday.

What should we expect the mentality of the young girls to be when their mothers are giving some of them birth control pills at 12 years old?  That is really sending them the wrong message.  Rob the bank but don’t get caught. 

Hopefully,  these two scumbags get a judge that doesn’t need a swimming pool or a new car.



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