Taking no prisoners

The only thing missing in last night’s debate were baseball bats and brass knuckles. I noticed two guys in the background with buckets and swabs waiting to clean up the blood.

Uncharacteristically, Trump did a few mea culpa’s about his locker room talk then tried to hurry on to greener pastures.  Whether he got on bended knee out of remorse or force can be kicked around for a few days. But all in all, I think he did what he had to do by pouring a LITTLE water on the hot coals he was standing on.

I still say to all of the hypocrites out there  cast-the-first-stone.

This is a common conversation in certain circles. Is it right?? That depends on who you talk to. Where I come from; conversation like this was part of our everyday vocabulary.  If used in a private setting between men or women ( I know a few of females that would make longshoremen blush) so be it.

Unless a person is brought up in that kind of environment, they can not relate to that type of behavior.  It is taken just like someone say good morning to you.  You would have to have lived it to understand.

As far as I am concerned; the more well rounded a person is in all walks of life, good or bad, the better they are equipped to deal with all situations.

In all reality, the fink that released the tape to the news should be considered a weasel and way down on the food chain.

All of Trump enemies that have been on his case since the beginning BETTTTTTTTER hope and pray that he does not get more X’s than BB. If he does, there are not enough caves on this planet for them to hide. He said it last night; if he is elected, he is going to appoint a special prosecutor to dig into BB’s email scandal and some of her other escapades that have been so cleverly protected by Obama.  Then and only then will her dirty laundry be fully exposed.

All in all,  I think The Trumpster got the upper hand last night. He really needed the boost. Is it too little too late?? Just maybe or maybe not.

I am still optimistic that the American people will  put their safety and the security of this country in front of their in-explainable sentimental attachment for BB (Bill’s bride).

I have to use a quote from my dear friend AR I heard this morning.  This reminds me of a Rocky movie. BB is trying her best to put this guy away but he keeps bouncing back. 


Whether or not I like a person, I will always give the devil their due. In this case, it says volumes for Trump standing tall, take it on the chin and doing what had to be done. A lesser man would have been on their horse a long time ago and rode into the sunset, taking the easy way out.  Does he deserve the criticism he is receiving?  For the most part, yes but the fact still remains he is hanging in there and fighting back.

My hope is that the PC snoops out there do not dig up anymore dirt than they have already. I don’t know how many blows the man can take.

As I see it and so should any other concerned American citizen; based on the world’s tenuous situations; terrorism – Russia and China’s arms buildup – crime in the USA – the economy that BB has been a big part of for 30 years – the decaying infrastructure in every city in the country – poverty – education (pathetic – the USA ranks 17th out of 34 countries); the USA has to make a drastic change and bury the Obama mentality that BB has vowed to carry on.

This is where it all starts after a kid leaves home, in school. What a disgrace.


In short; forget about the 4 & 5 letter words used in locker-room or in some cases boardrooms. Let us put our heads together and elect the person that can turn around what our country is so desperately in need of; CHANGE.

download-3            th

Can’t argue with that!!!!

I have one question for all the PC-ers out there.

Scenario: There is a guy with a gun to your head or a knife to your throat and is going to use them in short order. Who would you rather see walking toward you; a person that just got out of the seminary or  bad ass from the hood with very bad temper and a dirty mouth???? The answer, if you have any brains at all is simple.

This                                                                      or                                                     this????

download-7       or download

The USA in many areas has had a gun to our head or a knife at our throat for years and continues to capitulate.

I have yet to see in all of my years and I do have a few; the nice – delicate – dainty person NEVER comes out on top in an altercation.  Is any criminal more likely to respond to; please put the weapon away before I severely chastise you OR as my  DI used to say at Parris Island said many times; you mother %$(&*@ better get your act together or I’ll rip off your head and shit  down your throat??? Crude,yes but that sure is an intention getter.  That is part of what makes the Marines some of the best fighting men and women in the world; realism, not fairy tales.  You want fairy tales, go to Disney Land.

These are tough times we are in and they are going to get much worse by doing business as usual. Better have the right skipper at the helm or we will ALL be up download-1 without a paddle.

To all the PC-ers; put your crying towels away – (Geraldo is on top of the list; I can just imagine what came out of his mouth when he was a teenage gangster in the hood) get your heads out of the sand.  Vote for the person who will save your life and our country, not someone that is going to bull-shit you to death.




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