What now ?????????????????????

It is rare when I am at a loss for advice but in this case, this is a tough one to tackle.  As I have said repeatedly, this guy is his own worst enemy.

Just one of my many earlier posts noting some of Trump’s hang ups.


What the hell s the matter with him??? Where does he go from here??? Is the apology he made going to cool down the fires???  His unacceptable characteristics  gave BB and her crew bandoliers of ammo and a Thompson Machine Gun to use against him.

Especially with two grown daughters, one would think Trump would be a little more respectful toward the opposite sex. Being he has three sons, two grown and a little tike, one would think he would set a better example.

Realistically; is that type of conversation unusual between some men in what Trump describes as locker-room talk normal???  In some circles yes.

There are some conversations people have between one another that are expected to be confidential. But always the BIG BUT – a person in Trumps position should be more dignified in what he says. The cameras are always rolling and he should have been aware there are sleaze bags who have microphone hidden for occasions just like this. I wonder how much the Clinton’s paid for this tape?? Had to be big money.

Given the facts that he is super rich and thinks he is god’s gift to women; until he opened up his whole world to the public, he pretty much was in control of all situations.  Not in the dirty game of politics. The deeper we get into this circus, my observations have proven to be accurate. If he pissed in his pants in the 2nd grade, someone will find out.

Donald is not the Lone Ranger in the vulgar category. Throughout history, some of the most powerful men and a few women in the world, many of them politicians had foul mouths. The Clinton’s  both happen to be on top of that distinguished  list.


But – Always the Big But — in the case of Donald Trump, he not only used extreme vulgarity that denigrates women but he grossly disrespected the entire female population of the USA. Not an easy wound to stop the bleeding.

It is not secret that Trump is very rich control freak that has been used to being in-charge at all times, doing as he pleases and saying what he wants.

He is the gorilla in the room – he thinks he is funny – wants to display his machismo and just has an obsession to run his mouth.


I don’t know what the eventual outcome of his latest  salvo of insults and how BADLY (a word he uses frequently) they are going to hurt Trump but I can say one thing with confidence, they sure are not going to raise his ratings.

If we wanted to compare apples to apples; what Wild Bill has done since he has been in politics, Trump could never duplicate in 20 years.  But – always the Big But, for some unknown, mystical reason Wild Bill has a charisma about him that captivates many people. Must be the SLO southern drawl.


As bleak as Trump has made his chances for the Big Chair, set aside all of his idiosyncrasies, all in all, he is still is the best of the worst to vote for.

Trump has a plan to clean house, something the country absolutely needs, where BB has a business as usual mentality to continue with Obama’s legacy.

If we had a nasty scale; put Trump on one side and BB on the other, it would be very close as to which one would be the tipper. Trump is nasty, BB is vicious.


If the good citizens of the USA, regardless of what political persuasion is,  looked at each candidates background with open minds, BB has pulled more stunts, some considered criminal, than Trump ever though of.

What this 10 ring circus really boils down to; do we settle for a person that has diarrhea of the mouth or someone who has been part of the political system for 30 years and her actions have been very instrumental for the poor condition this country is in.

She has consistently tried to deceive the people many times over.  How can that be ignored??






The way I see it, even with the latest revelations coming from Trump, I still have to vote for Donald. The national security and financial survival of this country is at stake.

If a person is satisfied the way  this country has been run for the last 7 plus years, put your X in the “D” box, if not, put it in the “R” box.  It is just that simple.

Donny; I know Humble pie doesn’t taste good but you better send one of your aircraft to Tuson to pick up about a couple of dozen for you; you are going to need them.






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