Always an answer

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Being black shouldn’t mean a longer prison sentence:

One of the most destructive stereotypes in the history of our country is once again in the headlines. On Wednesday, the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Buck v. Davis, a death penalty case that turned on the pernicious myth that black people are inherently more dangerous because they are black.

There is always an answer to a problem if someone wants to take the time to look for one.

I have said for years; there should be national sentencing throughout the USA for each individual crime.  If there is a rape committed in Texas and one in Alaska, both criminals get the same sentence.  

The government wants to control our entire lives but does not step up to the plate with common-sense or simple solutions to problems.

Make a list of crimes, their severity and come up with a fair sentence. It is that easy.

Talk about simple solutions: It can as easy as IF the NFL’s overpaid stooge Roger the Dodger followed suit with the soccer coach and played the National Anthem before the teams came in the field.  In doing so the unpatriotic idiots do not have the opportunity to insult the flag and what it stands for.

Roger is paid too much (40 million a year), is not creative and has no balls. Simple solution – didn’t cost millions and  did not involve 1,000 committee members staying for a weekend at the Four Seasons to come up with a solution.

In this brain-dead world of politics we are forced to live in;  if any solution doesn’t cost billions – it was not their idea – if it is too simple to implement, the politician’s view it as a poor suggestion.

If all different categories of crimes throughout the country had the same punishment, no exceptions; we would eliminate crooked judges (there are 1,000’s of the) – unfair sentencing – pleas of affluenza – who their daddy is – PC nitwit judges that think that house arrest is an adequate sentence for murder – jaywalking is a 5 year sentence – plus eliminate unfair racial discrimination in sentencing. Don’t do the crime, won’t have to serve the time. 

If a person is white – black – yellow – green – brown or can’t figure out what they are (lots of them these days) commit a crime, they all receive the same sentence.  How easy can that be?  This strategy  will eliminate all of the supposed preferential treatment and discrimination.

No pay-off’s – back door dealing – plea deals – palm greasing; everyone will be treated the same under the law because that is the way it should  be. 

If a qualified person was provided the proper information, they could probably come up with a fair list/schedule of punishments in one month; signed sealed and delivered.  Its too easy.

I already know the answer from the lawmakers. It will take too long to set up (they are doing nothing anyway, what is the difference) – have to set up a community in each state – it will cost billions to implement – we are too busy getting involved, baseball may go on strike in 2020, gotta prepare for it – just too complicated and won’t work.

It is constantly the same old download (4)with these people. Anything that is simple and uncomplicated is ALWAYS too difficult for them to accept.

A set up like this MAY even be somewhat of a crime deterrent.  If the criminals knew in advance what punishment they were going to receive, it may persuade them to think twice.

All of the world’s problems can be as simple as our leaders want them to be. They all thrive on complicating issues and beating a dead horse.  How many times have we heard the same old tales repeated and there is never any action?

Is this video proof or not folks???

Now we have a mare in the running that is repeating the exact things and vows to keep Obama’s legacy alive.

While we are on the issue of sentencing. I think it is a mockery of justice that the president and governors have the authority to let convicted criminals back on the streets before they serve their time.  Why even bother having a trial?? How many of the so-called low-level criminals, because of their illegal activities have caused death or permanent injury to their victims and others associated with them??

If the crimes involving a family member of the gatekeepers would they still be so benevolent??? We all know the answer.



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2 Responses to Always an answer

  1. Rifleman III says:

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  2. Rifleman III says:

    Couple of things at work here:
    (A) By eliminating marijuana, there will be less brain damage and clear thinking could be possible because of the numerous people that I arrested, about half could not reason logically, and had some kind of psychosis involved. They were pot smokers.
    (B) There must be some way elevate IQ levels. My own IQ at times was 138 and once 141, per testing. Why not have something like, if the IQ level is lower than 80-points, the person needs supervision and remedials.
    (C) NO PAROLE. Whatever time is sentenced, they are in. Period. Case Closed. End of Story.
    (D) Execution for Murder (no degree/any form of), Rape (no degree/any form of), Kidnap (no degree/any form of), Arson (no degree/any form of), Robbery (no degree/any form of).
    (E) Treasonous and/or Criminal Elected Officials, are to be Executed.

    Do the above, and you will see how society improves their behavior. If you want, some provisions can be added for Ghetto Bastards, who grow up wild and are savages. The mother should be answerable, and sterilized, and the father should be jailed and neutered (balls cut off), and apply it all, regardless of any race, ethnicity, or any other alibi.

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