Gotta love the guy

Trump To Dying People: Stick Around Long Enough To Vote For Me:

I got a good chuckle out of this pearl that slipped off of The Donald’s tongue yesterday.

I don’t care how sick you are,” Trump said at a rally in Henderson, Nevada. “I don’t care if you just came back from the doctor and he gave you the worst possible prognosis, meaning it’s over, you won’t be around in two weeks. Doesn’t matter. Hang out till Nov. 8. Get out and vote.”

I think the guy has a hell-of-a sense of humor (Henny Youngman style) that goes a little haywire sometimes.

Naturally, anything Trump does or says is going to be taken out of context by the liberal media.  What the hell is the matter with that statement?

In this day and age when it is not necessary for the older/sick folks to go to the voting booth, they have the absent ballots. It is possible for everyone to vote, healthy – otherwise or even from their death-bed, if it should even matter at that point.

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If any of the candidates pissed in their pants in the 2nd grade, the media and their snoops would find out and nail them to the cross.

I would love to have the money the Clinton Machine has spent on Inspector Clouseau and company digging up dirt on Trump.


The media will twist and turn anything and everything, even if they know it is not 100% factual,  in an attempt to discredit who they oppose.

Does any intelligent human being  really think that Trump is that salacious to mean something like that? The guy likes to be funny.


A guy comes home about 3 AM all disheveled, stinking of booze – his old lady was standing at the front door waiting for him – opens the door and he falls flat on his face.


The guy figures; I am caught, for once in my life I am  going to do the right thing and come clean. 

Old Lady yelling; Where the hell have you been until 3 o’clock in the morning you god-damned bum?

Drunk remorseful; I might as well get it off my chest. I met a broad in the saloon,  picked her up, we went to a motel and I got laid.

Wife; Don’t lie to me you son-of-a-bitch, you were playing cards again. 


The moral of this story is; might as well bullshit, they won’t believe you anyway.

No very relevant but funny.  We need a little humor to dilute all the mean-spirited political banter.


As wacky as Trump is, he is 100 times better than BB.

If your life or your family’s lives were on the line and you had one choice between Trump or BB as to who was better equipped to save you, which one would you pick?  The fact of the matter is, you and your family’s lives are on the line. Better put the X in the right square.

There is no denying the idiosyncracies that plague Trump but he is hands down the best choice for president.  Not a politician – can’t be bought off – tells it like it is, to extremes sometime – a solid patriot – bullshits .10% of what BB does – will be 200% more effective in negotiating with foreign leaders on world peace and trade deals – will get the USA back to where it should be on the world stage. Trump is everything BB is not.

One of Trump’s gripes that I totally agree with. The USA should get paid to defend other countries on their soil. We can not put a value on our military people who get killed but we can put a dollar value on what it costs us for all military operation.

Can someone with half a brain explain to me why the USA should defend all of the countries like Saudi Arabia and not get compensated for it??? The USA spends trillions of dollars each year defending other countries that can buy and sell the USA many times over and we do not receive one dollar from them. I can bet that there are some politicians in this country that are/have become very rich over our foreign wars.

Naturally, there are many politicians that disagree with Trump because somewhere down the line they are on the receiving end. Right Cheney???

The USA under Trump’s leadership does not want to be the bully on the world stage, just treated fairly.  In the past 7 years plus, under the Obama doctrine, we have been the laughing-stock of every country in the world. BB says she will continue with his legacy.

Tell me; who would you rather be in the foxhole with. If and when he is elected, the terrorists around the world – the criminals in this country – the leaders of foreign countries, all the people who have been using the USA as a door mat and their private banker, better get in line.

What could the USA do with all of the trillions we piss away each year?

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Why don’t the politicians go down to the slums and ask this kid and the other American people who live under these conditions??? They do not want the answer.

If those are not enough reasons everyone should vote for Trump, I don’t know what is.


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