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Republican Obstruction Is Undermining The Supreme Court, Enough Is Enough



Is this a prime example of the pot calling the kettle black?????

Quote from Obama:

By hobbling the Supreme Court for what could be a year or longer, Republicans are eroding one of the core institutions of American democracy. This cannot be the new normal.

Holy Toledo!! Did Mr. O actually say that??

As far as I am concerned; the entire political system from the top down needs to be shit canned and reconstructed.

The very best thing all politicians have going for them is the other party. It is never their fault regardless of what the circumstances are; they always blame the other side.

When a survey is taken and results indicate that 82% of the population is dissatisfied with their performance, that is telling a big tale.


The overwhelming majority of Americans are dissatisfied with how the government is running their nation, a poll released Tuesday says.

About 75 percent of all U.S. adults express discontent with federal leadership as 2015 closes, according to the CNN/ORC survey, while 69 percent are at least “somewhat angry” with the country’s direction.

Republicans are far more angry and dissatisfied with their government than Democrats, with 90 percent of GOP voters expressing dissatisfaction with “the way the nation is being governed” and 82 percent angry with the country’s direction.

Those are staggering statistics that would keep any person’s  job in the private sector secure maybe until lunch time.

For Obama or anyone else in DC to put the blame on the other person is ludicrous.  It is all of their faults across the board.

Remember DC fellas and gals;  when you point your finger at someone, there are always 3 pointing back at you.images

Or in my case 2.75          20150803_171243

Just think of it. That has to be one very advantageous position to be in; never being wrong or held accountable for any mistakes you make.  WOW, what a ticket!!!!


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